View Full Version : LCD Monitors for Race times

2009.12.14, 02:22 PM
Great news.

Thanks to Mark, I've got a dedicated computer for the track now. It features a cool video card that will now work with the 2 LCD monitors setup at the track so everyone can see their lap times.

There are multiple views available which include estimated position of each racer on the track. Attached is image of the retail area with the (2) monitors.

2009.12.14, 02:57 PM
Pretty awesome; I hope I can make it up to TO with my car sometime soon. :)

2009.12.14, 03:49 PM
JC, that would be cool.

2010.01.04, 11:46 PM
i know this is probably not the place to ask this but my buddies and I would like to make the trip down for the sat dec9 race and we dont have transponders.

Do you guys offer rentals for transponders or do we have to buy some we all have the track mate transponders and dont have the need to buy a second one or will the track mate transponders work with the system you guys are running.



2010.01.05, 08:42 AM
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the post. Hope you guys can make it. Regarding your question, PM sent.