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2009.12.16, 12:45 PM
Is anyone interested in running a the HFAY BTE 3? I should be getting my basemnet done on the 23rd/28th. My large radius turn kit is ordered also.
The event date would be the 31st if we did. I am curious if there is any interest. I am off the entire week. I am open to practice dates also that week. I hope to be breaking in a 03 then also.

2009.12.16, 02:49 PM
I'd be interested:D

2009.12.16, 03:20 PM
The basement wall is comming down the 30th :)

2009.12.16, 05:03 PM
it looks like we are going to have a record turn out for this event. It would be a good one to get in on if you have the opportunity. :)

2009.12.16, 10:22 PM
I hope y'all do! We ran ours tonight and it was a blast!

2009.12.21, 09:18 AM
I assemblied my three remaining wide ovals last night.
My track count is up to 5 wide ovals 1 wide L and a wide corner kit is on the way. Expect a mixture of tiles. of new/ old tiles.

I have not been able to get ahold of Patrick and BILLY has started working in Alabama.

2009.12.21, 01:23 PM
Did Billy get the jobs in Huntsville? Sounds like it. If so, I'm very happy for him as that was a way better opportunity from the sound of it.

I may be interested, not sure what's been planned for that week yet.

2009.12.22, 12:30 PM
Yep. I got the job in Huntsville. I won't be doing much Mini-Z racing any more, but I'm really glad to be working again.

2009.12.22, 05:03 PM
Yep. I got the job in Huntsville. I won't be doing much Mini-Z racing any more, but I'm really glad to be working again.

Excellent. I'm very happy for you. Huntsville has the great advantage of having other job opportunities also should you ever need them.

2009.12.23, 07:48 AM
Billy I have asked so knowledgible sources (a hobby shop owner/pro rc racers) to find out what happen to the killer hobbies miniz group for you.

2009.12.23, 07:54 AM
I am thinking early afternoon for this race say 3PM start

The BTE is only 1 direction so 1-2 qualifiers and a main can be done in 1 hour.

My wife works the night before and I will be on kid duty in the mourning while she sleeps.

2009.12.23, 09:51 AM
Excellent. I'm very happy for you. Huntsville has the great advantage of having other job opportunities also should you ever need them.

Russ, thanks. I'm happy to be in Huntsville, too. Except for all the trouble of selling the house and moving. Other than that, I think that we will all like it here.

2009.12.23, 09:56 AM
I know a very good remax agaent in the area
Holly Norman with REMAX
She had my house under contract in under 10 days both times last fall. The Foot trafic was insane with 20-30 agent showings a week.

2009.12.29, 09:59 PM
any racing in atlanta- im building track in basement now!

2009.12.29, 11:34 PM
Yes, we were in the HFAY series this year but there are only a few of us racing anymore so it would be great to have more racers. We have two basement tracks at the moment both of which can be pretty decent sized and use RCP track. We just finished the series last month so presently we are on a short break but might have something coming up soon. Check back here for updates and let us know more about your track. :) By the way, our current two track are located in the NorthEast Atlanta area (Dacula and Suwanee).

2009.12.30, 01:46 PM
I just moved from houston, My home is in smyrna, i have a pretty large basement, all finished with a pool table in it that if i move it theres enough room for two wide l's and some. I currently am building two 96 kits with two expansion packs. I am new to miniz but not racing. I have an atomic team mr02 98mm, and an atomic team mr03. I look forward to racing with you guys. when I am done my home will be open as well to race and practice in.
Out of curiosity, why doesn't any of the miniz guys drive at Nexus racing ?, i will be practicing with my 12th scale there tonight.

2009.12.30, 03:14 PM
my basement wall is down. Hoepfully my wide turn kit comes in today or I may have to improvise with extra outer rails.

HFAY BTE 3 Race tommorrow at 3pm practice is open before hand.

address is 3770 silver springs road cumming ga 30041
cell 4044098705 if you need help getting here. exit 13 on GA400 it should take you ~35 minute from smyrna

price is free. The lap counter is Ilap with giroZ plugs.

I used to race all scales of rc all over the usa 1/8th to 1/18th. I used to race with the guys at nexus at the old shop (toys for boys) regularly. say hi to kupol for me. The sawyers used to race minizs when we were in a hobby shop. The owner retire and we returned to basements then.

I have 5 wide ovals and 1 wide Ls. I plan on hosting the entire hfay series at my house next season. everyone is welcome in on the fun.
Art Shull

2009.12.30, 08:37 PM
I probably won't make it as it doesn't look like many are going. Plus, I've been pretty sick the past couple of days and I dunno if I want to drive in cold and wet weather tomorrow.

2009.12.30, 10:45 PM
the track is up.
The cars get up and move on the 17 tile straight.

I have to drop the kids off at grandmas at 12 in monroe. I should be back home at 1:00 to 1;15 for practice to open up.
cya tommorrow.

2009.12.31, 08:22 AM
good luck with your race guys.

2010.01.01, 08:16 AM
not enough racrs for results
hope to see yall for the next HFAY season race 1 jan 16