View Full Version : Tire Lathe questions

2009.12.17, 03:45 PM
I want to experiment with truing my tires. What is a good material to true the tires? Specifically I want to make grooves in the tires; not just sand them down.

I have done this using my dremel, but the wheel spins slightly off axis and the grooves are deeper on one side than the other. To make grooves I had the wheel/tire spinning and used a circular cutting wheel held in my hand to make the grooves.

Any thoughts?


2009.12.17, 04:14 PM
if you can chuck your dremel in a vise and spin the tire/wheel w the dremel then use a hobby knife or saw blade to groove your tires....

the ultimate set up is the Hudy slot car truer it comes w a grooving/cutting tool....

2009.12.17, 05:39 PM
I usually use a knife blade from my leatherman... You want to go very slow, and should have the tire glued to the wheel before truing. Otherwise, the tire can move... or if it is soft enough, break apart.