View Full Version : MuchMore HPC+ 777mAh AAA Nimh batteries

2009.12.19, 09:32 PM
Anyone try these cells? These look like they are supposed to be a hotter cell than the Muchmore HPC 900mAh AAA Nimh cells (The 900's don't have the "+" after the "HPC" like the 777 HPC+).

Not bad price-point wise either, these MuchMore 777 HPC+'s go for around $11/pack.

Any info on the 777 HPC+ cells, especially Internal Resistance (IR) info is very much appreciated:D

2009.12.20, 06:46 AM
Hi Felix!

I bought a couple of sets and so far I really like them. Can't give you IR stats because I use LaCrosse chargers which I don't think can measure IR. But these cells are pretty powerful and tend to deliver the power evenly during discharge. I also like the fact that all 8 cells I got tend to have similar voltage and capacity. Here are the stats I do have:

MuchMore 777s
12/15/09 V mAh
1 1.49 879
2 1.49 867
3 1.49 854
4 1.50 897
5 1.51 873
6 1.49 851
7 1.48 879
8 1.48 915

Hope this helps!

2009.12.20, 02:46 PM
Traveler - I appreciate the feedback on these cells. What is your opinion on how fast the MuchMore 777's feel compared to the Orion 750SHO's and the R1 750's?

MuchMore makes some excellent stuff, I have a CellMaster Andy Moore edition and it is awesome. I am going to try and pick up some of these 777 cells when I can.

2009.12.20, 03:10 PM
They don't feel as punchy as the Orion 750SHOs, smoother powerband, but my 70turn screams full throttle with the 777s. And so far they have been much more stable than the SHOs. I discharge/charge my cells on LaCrosse chargers at 350/700 mA. I have some R1 750s which started out pretty good but have since gone flat.

Hope my description makes sense. Its kind of hard to explain how a battery performs :)

Let me know your thoughts if you get some.