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2009.12.20, 09:59 AM
recently i bought one mr-03 porsche 911 GT1 from this store.As the store is in europe ( DE ) and i live in europe too , shipment would take no more than 6 bussiness days. Passiing more than 15 days i tryed to contact the store to know whats going on. No Reply was given until now.
I wanna ask all users than will read this post about reputation of this online store cause im starting to feel a little bit worried. In the past i've bought some tires in this store and it was delivered.

2009.12.20, 10:34 AM
i have no experience with the store but do know those versions of the mr-03 are not out in europe yet(unless the supplier bypasses the kyosho europe distributor and goes direct)

2009.12.20, 10:37 AM
According to kyosho germany the porsche isnt available until week 53.
So probably the store just doesnt have it in stock.

Thats no excuse for not answering your questions offcourse.

*edit* @Kompressor. Germany has a different supplier then england. If its on the kyosho.de site (see link above) it can be ordered from any country supplied by kyosho.de

To look at it in a different way, kyosho.de doesnt supply th MR-02 2.4 chassis kit while it can be ordered from france.
Just to say, europe isnt the same in europe according to Kyosho ;)

2009.12.23, 08:15 AM
major distaster !
they replied yesterday telling me it was shipped 5/12.
The package arrived today but no Porsche 911 GT1 . Instead they sent me a porsche 962 LM chassis. Also the Atomic Stock motor that i also bought was not sent.i think some store have a lot to learn about customer service :(
ill keep 962 anyway

2009.12.23, 08:32 AM
so you got the blue leyton house one?
its a nice body:)


i know,we use kyosho france, .de has half of the continent .fr has the other;)

2009.12.23, 10:45 AM
yep the baby blue leyton one. I still prefer the porsche 911 GT1, but this one is also cool :-)