View Full Version : MR-01 ASF 2.4gHZ

2009.12.20, 04:08 PM
just as the title says, it looks like you can buy a slice of the original pie with brand new stuffing :p


you can find the page at kyosho's route 246 (http://www.rc-r246.com/shop/topic11.html) website.

2009.12.21, 01:14 AM
Hah nice, but $100 at the same time without any hop-ups avail at this point (lets assume new users w/o forums' used parts help).

2009.12.21, 09:30 AM
think of it as more of a nostalgia item :)

246 seems to be making their own brand of stuff so it's safe to assume it's within their grasp to make production runs of essential parts like tie rods, knuckles, etc. you can still find shops that have 01 parts left over. just takes some searching.

i'm honestly very interested in this kit not as a serious racer but as a collectible for me. i got in with the 01 and still have a bag of spare parts including that gpm purple mono shock i showed you when we were practicing.

2018.05.16, 07:12 AM
Has anyone ever found one of these at retail or online? I have to admit, if I could find one at reasonable cost, I would buy one.