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2009.12.20, 05:54 PM
As you guys and gals probably know, I'm still working on ways to fit a full battery box inside the MRCG and MRCG1.1's center section. Attempts with bespoke fiberglass parts and battery clips have not worked out well, but it has always been possible to hack and glue several single AAA holders together to make the battery box. Now, for those people who happen to have a spare or cracked Mini-Z F1 chassis, evidently there's another method:


Picture found on this MRCG1.1 owner's blog:

So as this picture demonstrates, with the MRCG in 98mm (or longer) wheelbase format, you can actually hack off the front and rear of the F1 battery box and shove it into the MRCG. There's some more dremel work to do than just that, of course, but it seems to be a reasonably clean install. Drill two more horizontal holes in the box and you can even screw it in using the original quick-release latches' screws. The batteries won't line up with the slots in our chassis anymore, but hey, no pack-soldering required. If I can find a way to make a similar injection-molded battery box in the future, rest assured that I will be looking into it. :)

Red Team
2009.12.21, 07:19 AM
Nice...anyone tried the xmods batt. holder ?

Clean brushless and LiPo ( ??? ) set-up in one of the pics.

2012.06.24, 02:57 PM
There's no pics in the links above. Has anyone done the F-1 battery tray mod?

2012.06.24, 06:12 PM
Unfortunately the link was to a blog, so I guess it's a little too old for the pics to stay up. Width of the battery box aside, the F1 chassis is actually the closest I've ever gotten to fitting a full box into the MRCG, and worth a look into. Either the front 2 cells or the rear 2 cells will not fit, however, so it's a little kludgy.

If I ever get an opportunity to do a 2nd-gen MRCG though, I think fitting a cut-up F1 chassis as a battery box will be a high priority. It would make the car much more user-friendly. :o

2012.06.24, 08:37 PM
Thanks for the quick reply. I found that the autoscale display chassis can take batteries if you take the tabs out of the F-1 chassis and install them into the display chassis. The slots are there for the battery tabs. It will take some modifying of the display chassis but it might work. I hope you'll have the chance to make a 2nd gen chassis soon.