View Full Version : Uneven rear wheels?

2009.12.22, 07:11 PM
The rear axel on my Mini-Z appear to be slanted, meaning that one wheel is closer to the front of the well, while the opposite side is further away.

What could be causing this? A bad T-plate? Warped motor pod?

2009.12.22, 09:48 PM
There are some freeplay in the H-plate. You can adjust the motor pod slightly. If the H-plate are stock, then something else is wrong.

2009.12.22, 09:58 PM
What do you mean by adjusting the motor pod?

2009.12.22, 10:15 PM
The best thing you can do, is take a few pictures and post them here... Try to keep the car perpendicular to the camera, and take pictures from above and below the car.

2009.12.22, 10:39 PM



Non-pinion side is closer to the front. It's kind of hard to tell though.

2009.12.22, 11:51 PM
Check the space between the motor pod and the chassis (arrows). The photo looks like there is more space where the yellow arrow is pointing. The amount of space should be even on both sides.

2009.12.23, 12:24 AM
Might want to flip the H-plate around and see of the gap is on the other side. I also see a gap between motor mount and the H-plate on the right side. You might be able to loosen the screws for the motor mount and rotate the mount clockwise.