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2009.12.22, 10:22 PM
anyone know if these TrXus MT Super Swamper Tires I found on ebay can be used with the overland? Also, what kind of rims will be needed to make these work (if they are even scaled well enough for the overland)?

ebay item # 200420868630


whatever the case, i'm looking for some bigger/beefier tires for my overland if anyone knows where i can get some.
thanks a lot!


2009.12.22, 10:29 PM
only way to tell would be to know the inside diameter so that they could be paired with an appropriate diameter mini-z wheel, more than likely a racer wheel unless you want to bead glue the sidewalls to overland wheels.

Dr. Kustom
2009.12.22, 10:36 PM
Item number: 160388380915

Try those, they have good grip and they are HUGE!

2009.12.23, 12:23 AM
Thanks for the link kustom. and yea I just realized racer wheels fit on the overland! never thought about that, thanks arch! should be easier to adapt random wheels to a flat racer wheel than the overlands inner rim.

I kind of want to stay away from the "Monster" look. :p The stock wheels are really puny looking, I'm looking for something a bit wider and thicker in diameter.
Maybe i'll just grab the ones I found and see if they work, only like 6 bucks anyway.
In the meantime i'll look around a bit more and see if anyone else here pops up with info. :)

2009.12.23, 12:30 AM
oh duhh i just noticed the dimensions on the details.
blah the wheels seem a bit too big for me.

Height - 1.845"
Width - 0.730"
Mount hole - 0.826"

the search continues...