View Full Version : Massive oversteer when turning right.

2009.12.23, 05:46 AM
One of the cars down the club has a wierd problem in that it will turn left fine but when you turn right the car will just spin 180.

This is at all speeds but on slow corners it really bad. It seems to happen when you turn right and come off the power.

We've tried new Tyres, changed both the diffs and it still does it.

Anyone got any ideas?

2009.12.24, 03:09 PM
Check the diffs and make sure all the wheels spin freely.
After my friend crashed his brand new AWD one driveshaft was sticking in the bushing creating extra drag.
We swapped out the bushing and driveshaft and it spins freely as it should now.

2009.12.24, 03:13 PM
I would suspect that the body is hitting the ground.

2009.12.24, 04:44 PM
i smell a tweak

2010.01.05, 09:41 AM
Looks like the Chassis itself was warped, we swapped out knuckle's diff's and spring's prety much the whole lot and it was still the same.

Swapped the chassis over and Problem Solved :)