View Full Version : Can't post on Marketplace. Need help

2009.12.23, 07:38 PM
I am trying to post on the Marketplace thread but it says I am not allowed to post. Is there something that I am missing?:confused:

I tried PMing the moderators but no one has responded.


2009.12.23, 07:47 PM
are you trying to post a new post or a reply to an existing post. if the latter, you are not able to do so per the rules and updates we have had posted for some time now.

2009.12.23, 07:48 PM
dude you have 3 posts

what do you expect , you need to gain trust to trade in the bst

2009.12.23, 08:44 PM
Which rules was this? I did look into the rules that was posted in the Marketplace. Maybe I missed. Is this the rule section you were talking about?

Also, I was trying to respond to the "For Sale" ads. Anys, I have already bought it from him from the marketplace thread. He had his cell number on it. So, that worked out good.

As far number of posts, thats too easy. I am sure I can meet it. I have rating on multiple rc forums under the same name. Also, is you remember, what was the number of posts needed to post on Marketplace? I think it is a great idea which the rest of the rc forums should start as I have seen too many 0 post selling items.

Thanks again for pointing it out.

2009.12.23, 08:49 PM
I looked into the Marketplace thread. And there is member with 3 posts just posted for a WTB? I just tried it, and it won't let me post. Whats the difference here?

2009.12.23, 09:15 PM
You can ask a moderator for permission to post, and if you provide adequate references, then they sometimes let you go ahead with it.

FWIW, I havent read the new rules (dont use the market place for more than browsing really), but my understanding is that you have to take any dealings to PM or email. There are no "replies" allowed in the marketplace.

Welcome to MZR, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

2009.12.23, 11:24 PM
Thanks for explaination. I shall read the rules then.

2009.12.24, 08:58 AM
Thanks for explaination. I shall read the rules then.

that always helps:p and not a bad place to start.

you should be able to post a new buy/sell/trade thread. if you find you cannot, i will have to look into why not.

we have a new feedback subforum for members, please see the rules for this as well.

2009.12.24, 10:51 AM
Can you please check , if you can, why I can't post there. I can post of other threads but not there.

Thanks again.

2009.12.24, 01:28 PM
For some reason I'm not able to post in the For Sale section either, not really sure why?

2009.12.24, 01:56 PM
can you please be specific;
you cannot post a new thread or you cannot post a reply?