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2002.06.30, 11:35 PM
I bought a mini-z recently. It is an Altezza 280T. When I was playing it for the first time, the H-plate bent, so I've got a graphite H-plate which is a stiff one. I've also got a bearing set and a GPM Ball Diff. Then I bought a 45' front tires and 15' rear tires. After all these, what should I upgrade next? My car always slide around corners and I found that it just slide too much, how can I improve it?

2002.07.01, 05:43 AM
Depends what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying the fix the slide, isn't neutral, understeer or oversteer??

If its understeer, change the 45 tires for a stickier compound and loosen your ball diff.

If its oversteer get some wide rears and tighten your ball diff.

If its neutral try all over the above, but leave your ball diff alone.

If the slide is caused be bouncing of the car over bumps then maybe try roll shocks and some different front springs.


2002.07.01, 05:46 AM
sounds like the diff might actualy be too tight ;)

2002.07.02, 12:56 AM
Hey, I found that the Diff come with two washers, but I don't have any instruction, where do I put them? Or should I leave them alone?

2002.07.02, 01:26 AM
on the shaft before you put the shaft onto the car... spaces teh bearing on the chassis away from the screw threads.. a 2nd one would just act as a spacer to center it .5mm if needed

2002.07.02, 03:26 AM
You mean putting a washer between the bearing and the Diff? which side should I put the spacer? Left or Right? Sorry for asking you again coz my English is not that good.

2002.07.02, 04:21 AM
it seperates teh threads on the loosen tighten knob away from the bearing thats in the chassis... its just a little spacer...

2002.07.02, 05:49 AM

alfa r0meo
2002.07.06, 05:25 PM
i think u should should get an oil damper because they really change the whole way the car runs:D