View Full Version : mr03 wont bind :/?

2009.12.25, 06:55 PM
Idk what the problem with this car is. I have done everything correctly so far. My m11 is in bind mode, installed batts in the car press the button with the plastic binder tool and turn the car on. When the light does come on its very dim and flashes. Its not solid.

Although the first time I did hit the binding button on the car with a hex head wrench. I was told this could possibly short out the board. Even after trying to rebind the car the light would still flash, so I dont think I didn short anything out.

As far as electronics go, the only thing I have done is hardwire the motor wires to the board. Thats it!

2009.12.25, 11:17 PM
No one can help me out

2009.12.26, 09:22 AM
To rule out your TX did you try to rebind another car with your M11.
If I remember right binding w the Airtronics TXs is slow....the red light takes several seconds to activate.

When you power up your M11 non bind mode the Red LED must be solid red and not flashing. If your module is flashing it is shot.....there is a small plug in module w the antenna wire in the bigger module. They go bad sometimes....

2009.12.26, 10:38 AM
It stays solid. It does not flash. It deff is not the TX. Because I rebinded 2 other cars to it.

Davey G
2009.12.26, 11:07 AM
When you hold the button on the PC and turn the switch on, the light should glow solid red, once you see it glow, release the button IMMEDIATELY, light should turn off for a split second then come back on. Turn off both car and transmitter and re-turn everything back on and you should be in business.....

2009.12.26, 12:32 PM
When I hold down the bind button on the car and turn it on, the light does go solid red but as soon as i see that and let it go it justblinks dimly and flashes. I have turned everything off and back on but nothing seems to work.

2009.12.27, 01:11 PM
Any Luck Cody ???

2009.12.27, 03:19 PM
mine took several times to bind as well with my EX-10. it eventually did finally bind. Hopefully you have gotten it to work already.