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2009.12.26, 11:31 AM
Just got the new parts in tonight , did the install and the test run and THIS is what I will be running for the next Crawlin' Get Together

LINKS> Losi Mini-T toe/camber link set X 2, using only the long shafts, the four bottom links were heated red with a torch and bent (DON'T try this without the heat, you'll snap the shafts!) The bent links give much better suspension clearance when going over obstacles and exiting over sharp rock edges.
The links are also set longer to extend the wheelbase from the stock 4 1/4 to 4 3/4. This increases the turning radius but adds a lot of stability to the rig going over obstacles. Also decreases the front to back COG.

DRIVE SHAFTS> With the extended wheelbase you HAVE to also increase the length of the drive shafts....this was done by removing the section closest to the tranny, cutting it in half and super gluing the two pieces into a 1/2 inch piece of 9/32 alum tubing.

SHOCKS> stock length shocks, turned upside down (easier to change the springs this way) running Mico DT long springs. This allows almost full droop but retains approx 1/4 inch of spring action, this is just enough to recenter the truck after coming off an obstacle.....a common problem when running no springs is that the suspension will hang and the truck won't recenter leaving it ****ed to one side or the other, the shorter springs help correct this but I still get a nice low ride. Extending the wheelbase also moved the shocks out a bit increasing the droop effect giving this rig a very nice low COG.

WHEEL WEIGHTS> Using a combination of internal lead wraps and external washer weights I have managed to get 39G in the fronts and 26G in the rears....stock is 11g
BWD Wheel Weight sets are coming for a cleaner look

BATTERY> I am running the Aeronuts 2S 240mah Lipo mounted on the rear deck...great power, run times in excess of 15 minutes even with the monster wheel weights

ESC> I am NOT running the DSM system in mine. I am running the Mini-T board on 27am....tons of power and fits nicely on the top deck, also gives me a heatsink on the FETS

MOTOR> Stock, but have a BBII waiting for testing if I need it....to be honest I don't need more power, I can squeal the slipper with the stocker.

BODY> I am running the Vee Dub trimmed to comp form (white styrene version) this body weighs in at 6G

The truck ready to run with battery weighs in at 290g
Articulation is 2 inches

Did I miss anything?


2009.12.26, 11:36 AM
awesome i have to get me one to start crawling

2009.12.27, 08:06 PM
Yea you missed something there. Video's of it in action! Awesome little crawler. I didn't know the body would fit. I'm assuming that's from the Micro Baha?
I've been very tempted by one of these micro-crawlers, but I'm not sure I can get used to driving something so slow!