View Full Version : Looking for Mini-Z Air Color Calsonic Blue & Calsonic Yellow

2009.12.27, 11:00 PM
Hi, I am looking for Kyosho Mini-Z Air Color Calsonic Blue & Calsonic Yellow , they are Kyosho brand bottles of paint. Where can I buy them? Has anyone got some that they would sell to me please? I can Paypal.

Best Regards,

Alistair G.

2009.12.29, 12:18 AM
Hi Alistair G.
the 3 websites below are from a Google search for: "Calsonic Blue & Calsonic Yellow paint". they will give you the Tamiya suggested Paint Colors. at the bottom of this post you will find the address of a Google Search for: ware to buy Tamiya Paints. I hope this helps you. ;)






2009.12.29, 12:58 AM
Hi, thanks for taking the time to try and help me, but I really need to get my hands on the EXACT paint I am looking for which the product code is MZW150CB and MZW150Y as on Kyosho's web site ;-


It's because I am trying to paint a Kyosho Optima in box art as accurate as possible just like Jurgen has done here ;-


I know from contact with Jurgen that he used the colors that I am looking for.

I just need to be able to get my hands on them. If there is some kind soul in Japan reading this then I would really appreciate help in getting this stuff. I can paypal in advance.


Alistair G.

2009.12.29, 02:08 AM
Hay Alistair G.
on the Kyosho site, its on sale. I would call Kyosho? :eek: :D

Kyosho Corporation of America
20322 Valencia Circle
Lake Forest, CA 92630-8158
Main Phone: (949) 454-8854
Sales / Customer Service: (800) 716-4518


2009.12.29, 02:17 AM
let me know if you call / if they help you? I may want some of that paint. :cool:

Thank You.


2009.12.29, 03:05 AM
No. The link that I posted is to the English section of the Kyosho Japan website, not the American website.

Also Kyosho America have NOT got any of this paint.

And also they would NOT ship it to me anyway as I am in England UK and Kyosho America do not do international orders.

If you have a Japanese friend who can help us, let me know LOL.


Alistair G.