View Full Version : I just bought this for the price of an Xmod on sale

2009.12.28, 10:55 PM
I have a mr01 on the way that I purchases for $30 and a few stock RC18B parts
I know it doesn't have a servo saver and parts are a little harder to come by but it will look nice on the shelf, I have my other cars for racing.
I'll drive it on my home track, or might let visitors take it for a spin while I drive my ma010 or mr02. I might even upgrade the fets and drop in an aluminum first servo gear but that's about it, my newer cars are hopped up enough anyways.
I should have it by the end of the week if all goes right.
For the price, it sure beats an Xmod anyways.

2009.12.28, 11:28 PM
route 246 is selling a 2.4ghz mr-01 :)

all in all, the mr-01 is still a good car.

2009.12.28, 11:46 PM
route 246 is selling a 2.4ghz mr-01 :)

all in all, the mr-01 is still a good car.

I noticed the 2.4 mr01, but I don't even have 2.4 in my mr02 or ma010 yet.:o
It will definitely get some use anyways, it's always nice to have a little selection.

2009.12.29, 01:26 AM
Technically that is a great deal given stock TXes are well beyond $20 your deal has to rise up to an xmod price. And its clear, nice catch.

2009.12.30, 01:22 AM
I've been looking for a few cheap miniZs for a friend who would like to try this scale out, but since this is a mr01 and it's a discontinued car I figured it might not be the best car for a beginner to race.
I was going to pass this car up but I was talking with the owner about some unrelated RCs and he offered to sell this one to me for an great price that I couldn't pass up. I'm definitely going to keep this one for myself.
It will be a nice little car for my son to practice with as well. Right now he's been using a Xmod with an upgraded pcb so he could use a "hobby grade" AM tx. This car should help him learn a little easier, he's pretty cautious with RC cars for a young boy so I shouldn't have to worry about him breaking it.
But I'll probably be the one driving it the most, I like to have a little variety.

Besides, it's yellow so you can tell by my sig that this was meant to be.

2009.12.30, 09:59 AM
the mr-01 is a little slice of history. i have no doubt that it will end up a collectible, some would say it already is.

i still have an initial d ae86 mr-01 brand new in the box :) i'm still hunting down a brown box mr-01 ready set for my collection.

the only parts to worry about are knuckles, tie rods and servo gears due to no servo saver. i'm sure you can still find these in some shops. there are bound to be gpm parts sitting on someone's shelf as well.

2010.01.03, 12:34 AM
The mr01 just came in today and I'm definitely pleased............
The body is in good shape. I put new tires on all 4 corners and ordered some ball bearings.
It's starting to look like a little swam of bees.
Now I want to look for some aluminum knuckles, maybe 2deg?
Also could use some spare H-plates, I'm sure the stocker wont last forever.

2010.07.22, 02:21 PM
That sure is a good deal. I wish I could find a deal like that. I've been looking for a cheap MiniZ to get my feet wet again. It's been a while since I messed with these things.

2010.07.22, 06:46 PM
This one has actually become one of my favorites since I gave it a makeover........
I painted it the exact same color as the same car that I owned about 10 years ago.
Looking at this body brings back memories.:cool:

2010.07.22, 08:32 PM
ahh... classic... nice find... and congratulations on your purchase... lucky dog... :D

It will be a nice little car for my son to practice with as well.

don't forget to put in that alu 1st servo gear in just in case... :D