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2002.07.01, 03:06 AM
Here...this has become my favorite car.......

It's on the Mini-z F-1 chasis.........No turbo but bearings/x-speed motor/custom foam tires/rear shock.......

so far..beats all mini-zs out there...even WITH TURBOS

When I get it sent off for the internal turbo...whatch out...but so far...I have not needed a turbo to beat everyone else. but then again............not that many F-1s to race against....and it seems that the regular mini-z still can't keep up with even the turbo's installed.......sure..it gets up to speed a little faster..but he cornering....I can keep up with awsome cornering and fortunately good driving.

Can't wait to race more against the San Jose Mini-zers. See you guys monday nights!!!

2002.07.01, 03:08 AM
another view.....................

2002.07.01, 04:02 AM
I thought it was something like a 1/5 in the first picture......heh

2002.07.01, 04:14 AM
Must have a considerable weight and aerodynamic advantage over a standard F1

The Thunderer
2002.07.01, 06:09 AM
Very nice! Where did you actually get that lexan body?

2002.07.01, 11:05 AM
The aerodynamics seem to be great!!! Wonderful protection for the front wheels and awsome looks.

I bought the lexon body locally here in San Jose. I made the body posts from 2mm 2-3 inch bolt/nuts. (so the suspention DOES work perfectly.

The decals are from a slot car sheet!! They fit perfectly. There are a few bodies to choose from...I know the Mclaren looks awsome also!! I forget the third kind.

It was fun to do...and fits perfectly.

The dang thing cost me about 30 bucks just for the body though. so that was not that wonderful. LOL

I hope to get another one soon.

2002.07.02, 06:33 PM
The Thunderer, we have the McLaren in stock, and can get any of the others for you, they are made by Squat:


Kev71h, great job on that body!

The Thunderer
2002.07.02, 06:35 PM
Thanks, Mini-Z!

It is now on my "want/wish" list.... LOL.

2002.07.02, 07:34 PM
thanks for the comments fellas...and to you Mini-z.

It was some work....but it was work out of love..LOL

Everyone at the slot car location (where we race radio controlled on the slot car track) LOVED it.

Its a great protection for the front wheels also.

** many people were asking where I got the stickers...they are slot car stickers....and the "trim" is simple AUTO MOBILE PINSTRIPING. I used the "thin" stripe and cut it to lengths while I stuck in on as trim**

Anyone else know of any pics of any more lexan bodies????

The Thunderer
2002.07.02, 10:09 PM

So, mounting actually puts the F1 chassis "backwards"? That's what it seems like in the description you mentioned in "one" of these links. Something about the "rear front, back front, rear...whatever...". I don't think I understood it very well. Any pics of the chassis without the body on it? That would help. I guess I'm very "visual". LOL.

2002.07.02, 11:51 PM
The Thunderer, I think you misunderstood, everything is still the normal way round.

2002.07.03, 01:51 PM

Look at the chassis.....put the car in front of you and look at it from the rear. (car would be driving away from you)

The car is separated into two parts....front part and the rear part (the part that moves/suspension) The "front" part of the chasis is the part where I screwed the 2mm threaded screws to.

NOW....look at where the springs are for the suspension in the rear. Be careful not to drill too close to the chasis and DRILL A HOLE IN BETWEEN THE SPRING AND THE CHASIS. There is Perfect room for a 2mm machine screw. (note: take off the rear part of the chasis to do this. Make sure the screw is long enough to go through the "top" of the lexan body" ....I will post pics very soon. (I will have to take off the lexan body. The 2mm bolts are "locktited" to the screw...but I guess I can take it off for "visual" help for anyone who would like it.

I hope you get a better Idea.......I will see if I can get pics for ya very soon.

Questions welcome.

The Thunderer
2002.07.03, 04:16 PM
Thanks, Mini-Z and Kev. That helps me picture it much better. I'll look to see if they've got the hardware at the local shop and then, I'll have to look into getting another F1 (there's NO WAY, I'm messing with my McLaren) -- preferably slightly used.

I appreciate your help... although pics would be great also!

2002.07.03, 06:42 PM
Here you go..........yes, we are visual creatures....I suppose it will match what you had pictured in your head (I hope)

anyway.....this WILL HELP......

check it out...................

2002.07.03, 06:44 PM
That was from the rear....

** this is from the under/side**

2002.07.03, 06:48 PM

****NOTICE: that the machine screws are BENT some outward..........this is needed for this size of screw***

NOTE: Getting longer screws would solve the problem

NOTE: Fuel toobing for airplanes are used to keep the body flush in its suitable position desired. This make take some trial and error or just crank the screws down for a tight fit. LOCTITE is used to keep the bolts on...and a dremel is used to cut off the screws also.

BOLTS also are used to "SECURE" the screw to the chasis where the hole was drilled IN the chasis near the spring suspension.

2002.07.03, 06:52 PM

The Thunderer
2002.07.03, 09:38 PM
Thank you Kev71h. I've "saved" your pics for when I get a chance to do something like this. Hopefully, sometime this year! LOL.

I do appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to us... esp. to me.


2002.07.03, 10:57 PM
What shock is that? One very cool thing about running a lexan F1 is that you never had to remove the bodies to swap batteries like on the Z, Micro, etc.

2002.07.04, 12:10 AM
yea. F-1s have a wonderful battery switching ease. No time...just take off the botom door..and swap as fast as you can with recharged batteries. I never remove my body but to show people who WANT to see whats "under the hood"

Shock: Well, what can I say??? I don't know. I think its GPM but I'm not sure.... A good friend gave it to me for it. It works wonderfully.

San Jose

2002.07.05, 12:17 AM
I hope to see more lexan bodies..they realy are worry free for the F-1 considering that there is NOTHING to break. It protects also!