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2009.12.30, 04:01 PM
Hi all,

Langley AFB chaplain corps. has decided to throw an R/C event for the young troops on base to give them something fun to do and to drum up interest in positive hobbies. My club, 7 cities has track and some cars. We are looking for people from the VA, DC, NC area to participate if possible. We are in need of loaner cars and I would like to make a fund drive to provide a car new or used as a prize for the winner of the events. The event is scheduled tentatively for the 17th of March. Our club has been fostered and grown by the Mini-Z community that has come to our events at Nekocon and by our group attending the events hosted by other clubs. Please PM and let me know if you are interested in volunteering for what will be a great cause. They have never done this kind of event before and I would very much like to make it a success, but we cant do it without your help and support. More information will follow by the end of the week.

Mike Stallings
7 Cities Racing

2009.12.30, 04:06 PM
i might make it down to volunteer if i can

2009.12.30, 04:22 PM
Sounds like a great cause for the area troops Mike! The 17th is wednesday. Is that a typo? Id love to come up and support you guys, especially since I missed N'Con this year, but dont think a weekday event would work for me.

2009.12.30, 11:39 PM
Yeah, it may be the 13th I just know its not the first weekend. Thanks for the responses. I will be keeping you all posted.

2010.01.10, 11:11 AM
I have 4 chassis that I can run for this event. Unfortunately, only two of them will work assuming that the AWD potentiometer is just dirty and not blown. I have a 2.4 that works great. I have an MR-01 and a MR-015. The 015 needs front knuckes, rear suspension and a body. The 01 just needs a better rear suspension in the h plate. its bouncy and skittish in corners. I also only have one radio that works. I will have one more. I need two and will buy a third. If anyone has stock radios they arent using that I can borrow, I will pay for shipping. If you have any beater bodies that you arent using with front clips or any stock spare parts you can send my way. Please help. I just switched jobs and I dont have a lot of cash. I can get the parts and radios back to you after the March 17th event. Im stuck, I may have to come to the DC area to work with Arch and the rest of you up there. I need to get these cars pieced back together to serviceable. Please let me know if you can help. Im up the creek.

2010.01.23, 09:58 AM
i've been working my sources to get you some good deals :) email me once you've had a chance to read my messages i've sent.

2010.02.03, 08:55 AM
The Langley RC event has been moved to March 20th! They pushed for it and got the date! If you all let me know ahead of time I may be able to slot you some base billeting for 40 a night and pendant on budget, maybe, dont quote me on this, but free space. I will also need info for anyone driving on base so that you can be "on the list" and registered so you dont have to jump through hoops when you get there. If anyone can show up for this it would be very appreciated. Thanks again to Ray and Mike and all of you for your support. THANK YOU!

2010.02.22, 01:27 PM
Good News!
Thanks to some generous people in the Mini-Z community, we now have enough cars to run for the Langley AFB event. We received not only MR-015 RTR kits, we also had people donate both OEM and AEM parts. Many thanks to all of our contributors. Deadline to register the event is March 13th. I know that there is an enduro race that weekend so please send me your name and pertinant info so that I can notify base security to let you on base with ease and get passes made before hand.

I would like to have a Pro demo event to showcase the MR-03, the 02, and the AWD models, but more importantly we need enthusiastic people to share about the sport. There is a pamphlet with info, but we all know that there is no substitute for experience.I need people to help set up and break down, marshall, and repair any damaged vehicles. The event starts at 4pm. but please be on hand at least 2 hours before. Food and drink will be provided.

Please come and help support our troops by introducing them to a great hobby.

Many Thanks,

2010.03.12, 10:51 AM
Langely event postponed. Will keep you all posted as to the new date.