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2009.12.31, 04:25 PM
1. Never ever play favorites and put cars in the wrong order!
2.Do not step on the track and block everybody, try to find another solution
3.Always pay attention.
4. Do not stand infront of drivers, it will cause problems.

*rule for drivers*
* Do not start a fight with a marhsal
* Do not fight with other drivers
* Try not to ram into others

If you have a rules Please post here!

2009.12.31, 04:34 PM
if the leader is behind you let him by cleanly

2009.12.31, 05:04 PM
This is a great topic, which I havent really seen covered...

-watch the area area of the track you are marshalling, not the race. You will lose time getting to the car you are marshalling if you watch the action of the race.

-do not use cell phone, eat or drink while marshalling after your race.

-If you do eat or drink something as a volunteer marshall/spectator, make sure it kept is away from the track, in the event that something spills.

-Do not work on your own car when marshalling. You would not want the same to happen when you are racing and marshalls are preoccupied with tuning their own cars.

-place the car back on the track off the racing line, and near the place that it went off. I cannot stress this enough. When a car is placed on the race line, most of the time, there will be another incident, and you will have to run back to fix the problem again, this time with more cars. Not only that, but the other drivers wont be so happy.

I occasionally will place the car slightly ahead of the accident (in the next section of the track), if I know that it will relieve any congestion, I give a slight time penalty in doing so (pause for a second before putting it down, so the car does not get any advantage in time from skipping a short section), but will not bother anyone else who may be coming through that section of the track.

-If you have to fix a body, or tire... pick up the car and move to the side of the track to do the work. Then place the car back on as close as you can to the off as you can without crossing the track or timing loop. Standing/kneeling in the middle of the track is distracting, even if you are mostly out of sight.

-if a car crashes before the loop/bridge, make sure it is put back on before the loop/bridge, so that the lap it finished counts.

-remove shoes before marshalling so you dont put dirt on the track.

-shorter/smaller marshalls should marshall the front of the track, where visibility is an issue, and hopping over the triple tile wide straights and sweepers on the outside of the track is not an issue.

-if an accident occurs in your marshall area, that does not need marshalling, announce caution for drivers in that area. Like a local yellow caution, so they do not slam right into a car that is backing out of the wall. (watch the straight, sweeper, left infield, etc...) It is hard to see far enough ahead of the car when driving, that something 10-15ft away comes up very fast, and can cause a DNF for one or both drivers if they cant react in time.

-If a car tags a board right in front of you, and would have to back up, just point the nose of the car forward so that it doesnt have to back up into traffic. Dont do this if you have to jump the track to do so.

-try to know which cars have difficulty getting into reverse, so you can pull them out of a board without losing too much time.

-try to marshall other peoples cars the way you would your own.

-if you see a car that needs marshalling accross the track, communicate with the marshall of that area before running accross to fix it. You should not have to run over to another marshalls area, which leaves your own area uncovered.

-when another marshall is dealing with an incident, neighboring marshalls should cheat over to his section in the event that there is another accident there, they can cover it. Every marshall zone should overlap the next, but only one marshall should run over to handle an incident, otherwise the drivers cant see.

-make sure that no spectators walk in front of the drivers. This may sound funny, but many people that are not racing dont realise this. Especially kids that love to run around.

-do not get upset at marshalls if they dont get to your car fast enough if it is in a difficult location to marshall. It is difficult to marshall cars in the center of the track, especially for people that have knee/back issues... Many people do this hobby because it requires little physical ability besides marshalling.

-If you need a marshall, announce in a loud voice (not yelling), the section of the track that you need marshalling. I try to announce accidents that I see as I am racing as well, even if my car is not involved.

-Do not yell at a marshall for being in the way, they are there to help, and will not work as hard to fix the problems if they are treated poorly.

I just wanted to touch on a few things here... Im sure more people will add info...

2009.12.31, 05:18 PM
when you crash or roll your car and scream for a marshall think about setting your car up better. The marshall is not there to help you win or finish your race....
he/she is there to keep the flow of racing smooth and hopefully accident free.......
This is where favortism can come into play. Tires can come off etc....
a marshalls first job is the track and not repairing a poorly prepared car....
The double edge sword of this is when you do quick fixes it shows good sportsmanship and and mini z friendship.....but when you dont do it or cant do it quick enough it looks like you are hindering or slowing someone down....

Always remember we are racing toy cars and the outcome of the race doesnt put food on our plates......

You have a bad race shrug it off and prepare better for the next race....

2009.12.31, 07:37 PM
EMU - That is great advice. Thanks for the post:)

2009.12.31, 07:47 PM
try not to get hysterical with a marshall. some accidents will be missed and some may take longer than others. it's all part of racing and the risk you take in participating. i've been to many a race where marshalls are screamed at and drivers stomp off cursing their finish results. in the end, this is not a life or death matter.

other observation is, PLEASE return to marshall. i am willing to say most i've seen fail to do so. i can't tell you how many times i've seen 4-8 drives leave the stand and 1-2 return to marshall. all your doing is cheating the next round of drivers the opportunity the drivers before you provided to correct issues.

2009.12.31, 08:05 PM
It is not the Marshal's job to make repairs to any car. If you need more than having the body tapped back in place then you should have a pitman near by.

2009.12.31, 11:18 PM
other observation is, PLEASE return to marshall.

Eugene nailed the definition of good marshalling, but if everyone sits down after their round a crappy marshal is better than nothing.

Please; marshal.