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2010.01.01, 08:49 PM
Hi Jesus,

Just got my multiple monitor setup working with zround and I love it. I have my main monitor setup for race control and 2 other monitors setup to show racers their times.

This leads me to what I wanted to ask about. I bought a USB microphone that I thought would allow me to announce along with zround voice. However, it seems that that MS Windows needs a program in order to convert the input of the mic to the output of the sound card. I was wondering if you'd thought of incorporating live microphone input into Zround?



2010.01.02, 02:28 AM
Windows should do the job. USB Mic usually configures Windows to use it as the default recording device. Please check it into the Audio tab of "Start/Setting/Control Panel/Sound and Audio" applet. You must grant also that the Mic source is not muted into the recording devices volume control.

I think this sould work. Regards,