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2010.01.04, 04:55 AM
TheBlackmarkers.com Presents:

Blackmarkers Raceway - Sponsored by Golden Horizon

Location: Bridgeport and Shell in Richmond. Please PM me or call 604-720-6788 for details.
Time: 10:30am to 6:00pm
Price: $10 entrance fee to all class (All you can run!)
Race Schedule: Every Other Sunday (See below for Racing and Drop in Schedule)

Facilities: Biggest In Door RCP Race Track in Vancouver and Richmond. Features a raised 32ft long straight away, very smooth banked sweepers. Tables, Chairs, and Power available.

Timing System: CORE System. Transponder are available for sale and rent. ($25 to buy, $5 for the day)

Car setup support and driver training: If you need any help of setting your car or learn about tips and tricks to drive faster, there will be veteran racers available to help you out. Everyone are friendly, so don't be shy to ask.

Here are some pictures of us setting up the track. We are still waiting for more track to arrive. Track is huge now, but imagine how much bigger it will be! :D The lower level can fit 4 lanes of track, each being 3 ft or more wide. The 32ft straightaway is LONG. More then enough to test out the top speed of your mini-z. We paid a lot of attention to make sure the ramps going up and down are as smooth as possible. Lights will be installed under the raised straight away. The Pit area will be finished as well, and will fit 20+ guys pitting without problem.










Race Class and Format:

Open Class

Any 1/28 chassis (MR015 / MR02 / MR03 / MA010)
Any optional parts
No fet limits
No motor limits
Any 1/28 bodies
Must use rechargeable AAA batteries (no LiPo)
Absolutely no traction compound

Stock Class

Any Kyosho Chassis (MR015 / MR02 / MR03 / MA010)
No fet upgrades
Any 130 motor that can run without fet upgrades.
Any optional parts
Kyosho bodies only, all windshield and windows must be installed
Must use rechargeable AAA batteries (no LiPo)
No foam tires
Absolutely no traction compound

Super Stock Class

Any Kyosho Chassis (MR015 / MR02 / MR03 / MA010)
No fet upgrades
Stock Out of the box Kyosho 130 motor
Gear Diff only
Any optional parts (Except for Motor and Diff)
Kyosho bodies only, all windshield and windows must be installed
Must use rechargeable AAA batteries (no LiPo)
No foam tires
Absolutely no traction compound

F1 Class

Kyosho F1 Chassis
No Fet limits
No Motor limits
Any optional parts
Kyosho bodies only, all windshield and windows must be installed
Must use rechargeable AAA batteries (no LiPo)
Absolutely no traction compound


10:30 - Door Opens
11:45 - All registration must be done. Make sure you get your transponder.
12:00 - First Qualifier Starts

We will run three 8 minute Qualifier per class, and one 15min Main. There will be no break between races so make sure you manage your time properly. (lunch time and battery charging time, etc) Minimum 4 cars per class. Maximum of 8 cars can race at the same time.

If we do finish early we will do an endurance race.


Racing: Every Other Sunday (First Race on Jan 3rd, 2010)
On Every Sunday that we don't race, $10 for the day, all you can run!!

Weekdays Drop In Practice: Every Tuesday and Thursday, from (5:30pm to 10:00pm, we usually stay later). $5 All you can run!!

Parts and Accessories:
We do not sell any parts or accessories. If you are interested in getting into the hobby, please visit the guys at Golden Horizon in Richmond. They carry a wide range of RC products, including On Road and Off Road, as well as airplanes, helicopters, boats, and more. What's more important is they have the best customer service in town, and very competitive pricing. Check them out!

They are located in the Continental Plaza of Richmond.

2010.01.04, 04:59 AM
OMG!!! What a day!!!

Turn out was great, the races were awesome, everyone had tons of fun. I honestly haven't had so much fun in mini-z or even RC for a long long time. :D

The pit area was PACKED, we have got to put more tables and chairs in there!

Thanks to those who brought more track over, track was nice and big, but will be BIGGER I promise!

Also thanks to EVERYONE who helped make it more fun for everyone! That's the key to this whole racing and hobby.

Many of you guys came to drop by to check out the track. I know it might be a bit intimidating coming out the first time especially to a race, but don't worry, drop by at any of our Drop-In times and get all the practice you need! :cool:

Okay, this thread is worthless without pics! So here they are! See if you spot any old faces that has came back out to race mini-z! ;)








2010.01.04, 05:00 AM






2010.01.04, 05:01 AM

Short Clip of Mod Qualifier.


Stock B Qualifier.


Stock 15min Main.


Sorry the camera ran out of memory. Next time we will be more prepared.

2010.01.04, 05:18 AM
Nice track and nice facilities. I like the last picture that looks like the tall guy is coming out of the W.C.

2010.01.04, 11:35 AM
Are you racing on the smooth side of the RCP? If so what tire setup are you using for MR-02 and MA? Track layout is pretty cool. I like the elevated straight and the transitions look smooth.

2010.01.04, 03:36 PM
Yes we are racing on the smooth side. So far the best tire combo seems to be Atomic threaded tires F20,30 and R20.

2010.01.06, 08:11 PM
We made the track BIGGER!!!!

It's much more flowing so all you power crazy people are gonna love it! :D


Also we are changing the practice nights to wednesday and friday night, from 5:00 till midnight!!

The Core timing system will be running for the practice, so you can keep track of how well you are doing. It's good for checking to see which setup would give you the fastest lap times.

2010.01.07, 10:13 PM
Newest addition to the track......:D



2010.01.19, 09:43 PM
Wow. This is great. I was in Vancouver in Nov, 09 with my Mini-z but I couldn't find any track. What's the reason for not selling any parts? Do people have access to Atomic parts there?

2010.01.20, 05:15 AM
The last stores to carry Atomic parts were Competition RC, Racing Devil and Golden Horizon. After the Atomic Cup 2007 race were held here in Nov 2007, the interest in mini-z went down and so did the inventory at the stores.

The Atomic Stock and Chili motors are still popular. Some of the guys seem to be getting them online nowadays.

Lookinco is doing a great job of reviving mini-z racing locally. Some of us who were involve in the Atomic Cup are supporting this effort. Our locals use www.minirc.ca for up to date info.

2010.02.04, 08:47 PM
Sai - this track is a ton of fun, and was where I was hoping to point you to when you came up in November, but was too late to see your post. The guys have done a lot of work of late, and the races are FAST. The bulk of it was set up in December, but some racing was going on since October, from what I remember. I'm hoping to get back out there again soon, especially since some of that track is from my set! ;) But ya - it's a good atmosphere for racing, set up by racers.

You're just going to have to visit again, man! Join the craziness going on and catch some of the Winter Olympics! I think last weekend some guys from Washington State came up and raced with there as well.