View Full Version : hfay season 9 race 1/2 jan 16

2010.01.04, 05:46 AM
Saterday JAN. 16
This will be the 1st race of hfay season 9. 10AM start. practice open at 9:00 AM LETS RUN 1-2 qualifers and a main in each direction. 1 hour practice break between directions. Finish time will be around 12:30

3770 silver springs road cumming ga 30041
HFAY MR02/03 with 70turn motors PN/HFAY both OK.
price $free

The Lap timer is I lap with giro Z connectors with rc scoring pro trial version keeping the score. 5 minute Qualifiers with 8 minute mains w stagger starts.
Open practice will be timed for tuning.
I will provide the velcro and giroz plug for the transponders.

2010.01.10, 06:31 PM
I probably won't make it, helping my gf move that weekend

2010.01.15, 08:23 AM
roll call.

2010.01.15, 01:06 PM
Kept debating but I don't think I will make it this time. My car still needs it's motor swapped anyways. My motivation is down as I realize I really need to upgrade cars to be more competitive but the cost is way too high for a 2.4Ghz one so.....

Finley M. Brook
2010.03.10, 09:25 AM
what is the average people will spend on there cars for them to feel like they have a real shot at winning??

2010.03.10, 10:17 AM
Current generation car mr03 $180 with a good racing body (ferrai 430)
radio is needed kyosho kt18 or kyosho 2.4 module/with adpater for existing radio.
bearings $15
motor PN/HFAY 70T motor $10 stock motr is ok but not up to speed
reflex racing rear tire $8 Pn 6s work but wear much faster
front tires $4
disk damper $25
good batteries r1 works 750/ orion 900s $15 You can run 1 pack 3-4 times a day
CA glue for tires $5

Everything else is fine tuning. t bars,springs,top shocks, suspension shafts, shims, ball diff and lighter diff parts. They help a few 1/10ths of a second per lap but not crashing is way more imprortant the small hop up parts.

I have a new gen car mr03 that I am still building and dialing in but still run my fully updated mr02 most days and run similar lap times.