View Full Version : Out door Surface

2002.07.01, 01:06 PM
What is the best out-door track surface?

2002.07.01, 01:46 PM
It's depends on your location :D

NO, dont u hate me in u'r box now ;)

I've had the oppoturnity to drive on a conrete "track", it was smooth with a very fine grain surface and no bumps on it.

The only thing that don't work out was the sight, the "track" layout was turning around a little house. The "track" location, on a kindergartens backyard, made for the kid to drive around their tricycles. But it was fun...:)

2002.07.04, 02:34 PM
If you find a place where is new asphalt (new street :D), ride there! Grip is fantastic!

2002.07.12, 10:51 PM
have you considered a tennis court? i've given thought to it myself but haven't actually tried it. makes sense though. very smooth

2002.07.13, 01:31 AM
We use a tennis court for testing, it's a great surface. The one thing to be careful of however is traction rolling as it will scrape your body up pretty bad.

2002.07.14, 10:19 AM
outdoor/indoor carpet? Its spose to have good tracksion.