View Full Version : MR03 Aluminum Low DOwn Knuckle

2010.01.05, 10:46 AM

Pre load down 0.7mm
Aluminum knuckle
Stainless Steel Pin
Delrin Insert
Gas hole to put King Pin Oil

2010.01.05, 12:45 PM
i noticed these on your site this weekend :)

are there comparison images of this product next to the stock knuckle?

2010.01.05, 12:55 PM
are we going to be able to get these in any camber other than 0?

2010.01.05, 01:00 PM
are we going to be able to get these in any camber other than 0?

If make the camber at the knuckle is not good, big camber on the wheel pin, it will be make the wheel hit the upper arm, and the camber gain change to fast.

Upcoming we had camber Upper Arm with adjustable caster release.

2010.01.05, 02:07 PM
my bad. i now recall that you were coming out with adjustable upper arms. thanks

2010.01.05, 02:07 PM
the knuckle being a low down is going to create camber on its own as it will sit higher up the kingpin...

2010.01.05, 05:04 PM
Cool. These look really nice.

2010.01.05, 05:20 PM
Junior, I dont know if the knuckle sits higher on the kingpin, I think the axle is higher on the knuckle??? I think preload on the spring, and position of the upper arm will be the same as it is with stock.

^ is just speculation, I have no inside source for this...

2010.01.05, 10:13 PM
Look great and gain more strength.

2010.01.06, 12:59 AM
I've been using these for a while, there's no camber gain but the ride height drop is perfect. :) This one's a must-have.

2010.01.06, 08:12 AM
if the knuckle/axle sits higher on the kingpin it will generate more camber quicker as it takes less travel to get to the top... by raising the knuckles on my 03's it lifts the upper arm which is what causes camber...

2010.01.06, 11:54 AM
Camber gain is dependent on the angle of the upper arm. Raising the axle on the knuckle doesn't change the upper arm angle, only lowers the chassis relative to the axles. You could change camber gain by shimming on top of the knuckle but you need correspondingly shorter springs (or remove shims underneath it if available) to get the ride height back.