View Full Version : Mazda 787b random (awesome) trivia

2010.01.05, 12:07 PM
Those with/running/loving the Renown/Charge Mazda 787b body might dig this. 'Specially the sound clips. :)


2010.01.05, 12:18 PM
Amazingly what you hear is through mufflers. It was figured out in the early eighties that if you could muffle the engin down to between 108-111Db you could raise the horsepower by about 30 and that was on a two rotor RX2 or RX3SP. The motors unmuffled were over 130Db and created enough exhaust heat to melt headers. It was also quite common with the unmuffled models to shoot a flame out the tail pipe about twenty feet long on deceleration from full throttle on down shifts. It was truly spectacular.