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2010.01.05, 11:19 PM
This is a continuation from another thread...

Using the GT1 at 98mm I had to use at most 1mm wide rear wheels. At 94mm I could use 2mm wide rear wheels. At 98mm, I had to have my diff axle all the way down to get enough clearance when the pod articulated.

At 98mm, I used PN FMv4. At 94mm I used ATM v5. I think 98mm you have to compromise too much with wheel offset and diff height to really have a good running car. If it were an unpainted body, I would have installed the side clips a little lower... to give more clearance and have the diff a little higher (to lower chassis).

I took a few pics with my bros camera...
96mm AWD Mclaren f1LM setup (need to shave down bottom of window a little to get good fit without chassis pressing on the body)

98mm MR015 EMU front (Murcielago setup)

94mm MR02 f430GT setup (GT1 rear wheels), I used PN McLaren F1LM front body clip, remove the plastic from the front of the CF piece and shim it up about 1.5mm to work properly... It is at the McLaren height for this pic though, which is a little low for my taste...

comparison between a bunch of bodies (f50, 430gt, GT1, McLaren, Murc, GT-R, f355)

Body looks like it can take 3mm wide rear wheels at 94mm, 1.5 max at 98mm without raising the body. Stock rear wheels are 2mm in 3rd pic... Front wheels are 0N in all pics.

I preferred the feel of the car on the MR02 than the MR03. The MR02 just felt a lot smoother than the MR03 entering and exiting the corners. The body has a very cab rear design, which you can see in the third pic.

I am thinking about removing the wing next race and see how it feels...

I have not driven the car on an AWD, just test fitting it... I need to shave away the lower section of the window to get some clearance to the chassis. Otherwise it will stress the body, and cause it to crack more easily in a collision (I had to force it a bit to clip it on).

2010.01.06, 03:36 AM
Emu, you've just sold me on this body. Thanks for the great info:D

Looks fantastic!

2010.01.06, 05:21 AM
Thanks again for sharing Eugene! And the pictures are very helpful, specially the last one showing the 911 side-by-side with others. I never would have guessed its longer than all those bodies except for the Murc. I just wish Kyosho had made this body as a 94mm WB to start with.

Look forward to getting my ASC for the shelf and another later to run.

2010.01.06, 03:31 PM
Is the autoscale available without buying the MR-03?

2010.01.06, 03:34 PM
Yup! :):):)

2010.01.06, 04:13 PM
Im waiting for the unpainted body... whenever thats available. I need it in my paint scheme, so that its easier for me to see on the track.

2010.01.06, 05:55 PM
Just got my ASC and the pictures don't do it justice. I think its beautiful. Its also a lot lower and wider than I expected. Very nice! :D

2010.01.06, 07:12 PM
Autoscale on the shelf and like Eugene.........waiting for the white bodies to do in my team colors.;):D

2010.01.06, 08:55 PM
Just wanted to point out, that I dremeled the wheel wells to the condition they are in within 5 minutes of opening the package... I really think the body should have been 98mm or even 102mm... (judging by the actual wheelbase which was 113 inches compared to the 911 GT3 which has 92 inch wheelbase).

2010.01.08, 12:50 PM
I agree. I think Kyosho made a mistake by making the 911 GT1 a 90 mm car. I'm not brave enough to take mine to 98 mm, but once the white body is available, I'll make it a 94.

2010.01.08, 02:03 PM

You didn't try it in the original 90mm wheelbase?

I wait for the GT1 kit to come here. I already bought a PN 90mm MM pod to give it a try and all the necessary stuffs. I'm curious to see this body in action on a 90mm car. Anyway, if it's not efficient, I'll swap it to an F40 or a 430.

2010.01.08, 02:26 PM
I run my MR03 GT1 with 90 mm Mid mount and love it. I'm a big fan of the F40 body wth the 90 mm mid mount and will try the MR03 on the F40 as soon as I have an F40 body ready to test with.

2010.01.08, 03:51 PM
I live the F40 at 94mm, It is ok at 90mm, but not as good. I never tried the GT1 at 90mm because I didnt have a 90mm setup when I got the body, and I didnt want to go through the effort to swap the mount at the track (didnt get there early enough for practice, so I didnt have much time). I think it will be better at 94mm than at 90mm, so there really is not much point for me to swap the mount if I know it wont be as good.

2010.01.18, 03:20 PM
EMU, so you think that the new Porsche really wouldn't perform any better at 90mm WB than at 94mm WB? This is something I've been really wondering about... Since PN came out with their 90mm WB "Mid-Mount" motor pod, I was interested but didn;t really like the 90WB thing that much enough to justify buying the PN 90WB mount.

I read on the MHS Discussion thread that the Porsche GT1 really was performing excellent at the racing last Friday night (I think it was Friday, I live in NH:)). I also read what I thought was some guys are going to try running the Porsche GT1 on their AWD's at 90WB. What are your thoughts on that? Or maybe even running 94WB with the Porsche body?

Thanks again for all your help, great forum member for sure:)

2010.01.18, 03:29 PM
I havent tried 90mm, but depending on the track layout, it changes the way the car handles. I personally do not like a lot of mass behind the rear axle of the car. So, for me the 90mm wheelbase will not work too well. The rear swings into the corners more off throttle, and the car pushes a little more on throttle. Similar to how an RM car handles, only with slightly less of that effect.

I may try the car at 90mm, just for kicks... but it is hard for me to do with very little track time to make adjustments. For me to be competetive, the car has to be good the first time it hits the track, there is very little time to make adjustments (I usually get to the track in the middle of the 2nd qualifier).

MHS has the highest grip out of all of the NY/NJ tracks, and is also the smoothest surface. Where I normally race, Action RC has much less grip, and not as smooth... so the setup and driving style is very different. Such a long rear overhang will lead to more hopping, especially on AWD. Which is why I try to centralise the mass by extending the wheelbase.

Hope this info helps...

btw, I also ditched the rear wing ;)

2010.01.18, 06:36 PM
i love this body!!! i also dremeled mine out to 94mm before i even left Atomic!! i actually beat my fastest time with it and the car was still not really dialed in yet. i think it will be a great AWD body . EMU what did you gain by losing the wing?

2010.01.18, 06:37 PM
Tried the Porsche in 90MM, 03 chassis, PN 90 pod, lexan rear wing, 70T Pn motor. Ran it on my basement track. Once it was set-up, i was VERY impressed how it works. Cant wait for the white bodies, so i can get them painted and then dremel it to 94 MM to try.........thats if i dont do it to the autoscale before that.;)

2010.01.18, 07:52 PM
Marcus, the wing fell off in a race... I had traction rolled the car at the end of the straight as I was trying to let the rear come out a little entering the corner. After losing the wing, the car did not pitch as much in the corner, and my exit was better. Entrance did not change much... I think the design of the body is very good, and doesnt really need the wing. It is low, and already has a nice lip wing...

I set the fastest lap of the night with the car last race, but it was not as consistant as it should have been (I think my core card location was interfereing with the front suspension/wheels)... I used the ATM Stock BB in my AWD at 96mm...

2010.01.18, 09:05 PM
im confused, you are running the body on AWD? i kinda wish it was a screw on wing. i dont want to break it off although im sure it will handle better! i will just wai til the WB's come out!!

2010.01.18, 09:15 PM
Mantis, as far as wing, just snap it off. There will be 2 black pieces where wing sat in. Make lexan wing and screw right down through the 2 black pieces.

2010.01.18, 09:16 PM
Eugene, im with Mantis....i know you tried it in 2WD.....so this time was it on AWD in 94MM??

2010.01.18, 11:01 PM
I ran it on AWD, 96mm... I think I need to stiffen the rear. This replaced a McLaren, and the McLaren is much lighter in the rear of the body.

The wing didnt break off, it just became unglued... and came loose. I could reglue it back in place if I want. The two black pieces remain, which as Larry said, you can then screw a lexan wing in its location... which gives you the downforce, without the mass... So it helps on the high speed corners, and wont swing as much off throttle entering corners. I use a lot of drag brake, and find that it swings a little too much for my liking with the wing, and is a little more than I want without the wing. Im going to grind out the diffuser, and try to lighten it up more in the rear.

Aston DBR9
2010.02.08, 10:45 PM
Did you modify the rear wheel arches, because they seem huge?