View Full Version : Transmitter Blinking.

2010.01.07, 05:09 PM
I haven't used my MiniZ Mr02 LM for a while. I charged both the transmitter batteries and the car batteries and made sure the car and transmitter were still paired. The transmitter blinks its blue light during operation. It seems to control the car ok...Any idea what gives?

2010.01.07, 05:16 PM
I believe it is in training mode (car should be pretty slow). I forget how to get out of it... possibly hold the trigger or brake or throttle trim when turning it on.

2010.01.07, 05:16 PM
The tx is in training mode,turn it off then pull the throttle trigger in and turn it back on to return to normal mode. :)

EDIT: Emu beat me to it. :)

2010.01.07, 05:22 PM
Thanks gents!

2010.01.08, 04:40 AM
little extra info.
When you brake and turn it on it goes into training mode.