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2010.01.07, 08:20 PM
Hi All

About 5 years ago i used to race 1/10th at my local track but got out due to funds going elsewhere, Since that time i am living in my own place and have built a Mini-Z circuit in my garage

Basically i took a table tennis table, split it, and put 2 bridges joining each side. It's mainly for when mates come over and just whenever i wanna go for a bit of a spin, Tight track but definately good fun, lanes are about 30->35cm wide all the way around, and it takes roughly 7-10 seconds to turn a lap. I think i have broken nearly all the original H Brace's on the cars and my graphite ones are on the way here now.

I am only running 3x MR-01's and 2xMR015's at the moment that i picked up off ebay over the last year, but i am actively looking for a 27mhz MR02, as i have spare controllers i am only looking for the car

Anyone have anything they can help me out with? I am from down under, but i dont mind paying for shipping


2010.01.07, 10:15 PM
Hey Reedy,

You'll certainly be able to find a good-used AM MR-02 in the marketplace. As a matter of fact I got my first Z used from someone on here. :)

I would suggest posting a Want To Buy thread similar to what you wrote here, but in that other forum.


2010.01.10, 05:21 PM
Thanks Jeremy, i will do, i Also took some time to read your MR-02 blog the other day, man keep that going, that is just gold for n00bies. Not only your scribing but the pictures of the cars as they are receiving the upgrade, and after the upgrade.

As i mentioned before, the track in my garage is on a ping pong tablethat has been split and extended, and as you are only ever <20ft away from your car, i believe i will have good luck with the whole CAT-5 / internal aerial.

A couple of questions for the crowd

1/ If you where running on a short track, painted wooden surface sharp corners (average grip) what car / setup would be your choice (including H plate, tyres, modifications etc)

2/ Has anyone had any luck in using a web cam and zone trigger just to record qualifying / practice laps?

(Please see the attachements, it is a picture of my track during its build as i dont have a more recent one on me here at work)