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2010.01.08, 07:58 AM
Hi All,

recently purchased a X-Speed Motor for my MR-02. However, the one the seller accidentally sent from Japan to me was a 2.4Ghz variant (MZW301) instead of the standard X-Speed Motor (MZW8V):(

Which draws me to my question - would this motor:
- Work in a non 2.4Ghz Mini Z with standard internal electronics?
- Damage the internal electronics?
- What modifications (if possible), to make it work?

Thanks in advance!


2010.01.08, 08:03 AM
It should work fine with no problems/modifications. Ive never bought the 2.4 specific one, but to my knowledge the only difference between the different X-speed motors is the capcitor location.

2010.01.08, 08:09 AM
All of the newer X-speed motor's have the small square yellowish circuit breaker installed on the motor. It is an attempt to make things idiot proof for the average consumer. If you over gear the car it will heat up and open to protect electronics. When it cools it closes and all is well again. Until you learn the limits of your car it is OK to leave it in as it is virtually inert.

The X-Speed itself is an excellant motor for beginners and racing in classes that allow very limited upgrades. It's sole drawback is the inabillity to use it in motor pods that require screws to mount the motor. The motor can be drilled and tapped for screws but it is a delicate and tedious process. If you plan on staying with the stock plastic pod or the very early version of the 3Racing pod then you will enjoy the motor.

2010.01.08, 08:15 AM
I've just picked up the two motors and checked their yellow capacitors. I'm an electronics numpty, hence I ask again and provide more details :p

The standard one reads:

The X-Speed one reads:

Hopefully that'll mean something more to you guys that are far more clued in than me as I've just gotten the bug to get back into RC racing again.

mleemor60 - I am intending on using the standard motor pod as I've already gotten a heat sink specific to the stock motor pod. Furthermore, I might resort back to stock as it's the only part that's not factory genuine on the car atm. Every Kyosho part available has already been installed, with the exception of the X-Speed Motor.

Mike Keely
2010.02.16, 06:19 PM
The 30V is the voltage the cap can handle without the insulation letting the voltage short out inside of it.

The UF is a rating of capacity. The higher the number the more it can store up internally. That is such a small differance that I don't think it will ever matter from one to the other. It will not hurt anything on either PC board.