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2010.01.10, 05:01 PM
I had a very bad day, needless to say I fried my TX and my new 2.4 Ko Propo spectrum module.

I was able to fix the TX with a little bit of rewiring and some fine soldering. :) However the module was plugged in at the time and did a # on it as well.

I've attached a pictures of the part I'm looking for. I checked my 2.4 mini-z module and it has the same piece on it.

on the top it say 47 & 20V if you can't make it out in the pic.

Anyone know what it is and where I can find one for purchase?

I think this is it... http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/94448-cap-tant-lowesr-47uf-20v-10-smd-tpse476k020r0150.html

thanks for your help.


2010.01.10, 11:25 PM
Close but not quite.

The cap in your picture looks like it's barely over 3mm long, but the TPS-E cap (E case size) described in your link has a case size over 7mm long. Electrically you could easily make it work but I'd be worried about shorting other stuff on the board when you soldered it on.

A cursory search of Digikey says that they don't have the A or B case sizes that would probably be the exact cap you're looking for. You could try out that one you've found if you have the time, $6 in parts is better than $200 for a new Tx.

2010.01.11, 12:00 AM
If you get the exact measurements you can figure out what package the capacitor is. If color01's estimate is correct then it is probably at 1206 or 1210 package, probably 1206 in this case since the width looks to be about half the length. 1206 capacitors are about 3.2mm by 1.6mm. The package sizes are actually in hundreths of an inch, so 1206 means .12 inches by .06 inches.

Though if it is that small most likely you are looking for a 47pF capacitor not a 47uF one.

Make sure to get at least the same voltage rating, going above is fine but going below could be a problem.

The capacitor is a polarized one, that is why it has a line on one end. That is the positive end.

I would recommend using Mouser to get the part. They do not have the extra charge that Digi-Key does for orders under 25$ plus I find it easier to find parts on there website.

Let us know the dimensions, maybe we can come up with a suitable replacement.

2010.01.11, 03:16 AM
you sure its a cap and not a diode, ive seen these go in car radio's when they have been wired up backwards,kind of acting as a fuse.
i even ran a car radio after removing one that had popped for quite some time

2010.01.11, 07:26 AM
I couldnt find that piece anywhere when one of our club racer fried his. He sent it back to KO, and they repaired it. I dont remember if they charged him though... I think he had a lipo problem that fried his......

Needless to say, Ill be following this thread to see what the outcome is :D

Good luck B!

2010.01.11, 07:38 AM
I found some on ebay. here is the auction # 200407008638 it was $5 shipped for 5 pcs. So it's worth a try. :)

this is the same size as the one that poped.

Your are buying a set of 5 new SMD TANTALUM capacitors 47uF - 20V @ 10% of tolerance

The dimentions of this capacitor are: 0.28 x 0.175 x 0.12 in (7.15 x 4.45 x 3 mm)

Dissipation factor 0.1 @ 1 kHz.

2010.01.11, 09:57 AM
The problem with surface mount components like this is there is no standard. So yes it could be a diode but with the markings of 47 and 20V it is far more likely to be a polarized capacitor and considering the size it is probably a 47uF Tantulam.

Surface mount diodes of that size tend to be just plain black with a stripe on one side, no numbers or if they do have numbers it is something like ss12 for 1 Amp at 20 Volts, ss13 for 1 Amp at 30 volts etc.

Brian, I imagine what you ordered will work, we will be interested to hear your results.

2010.01.11, 07:56 PM
After getting some info from you guys, I called a few electronic supply places locally and they had a surface mount capacitor that was a 47uf 35v. it's a little round one that looks a little different

the guys told me that the 47uf was the important part and the as long as the voltage was not less the the other one it would work.

I purchased one for $4 and installed it when I got home and.....

Everything works now!!!

2010.01.11, 10:20 PM
Everything works now!!!

Awesome!!!! Nice repair :)

2010.01.12, 08:07 AM
Sweet! Ill keep that in mind if something like this happens to one of our group again :D