View Full Version : Anyone else in Brissy with Mini Z's?

2010.01.10, 07:11 PM
Hi All,

I've recently gotten back into Mini Z's after a trip to Japan which resulted with me buying 3 of the MR-02's. I was wondering if there were any other people in Brissy with either Mini Z's or iWavers wanting to get together for social races.

I know that there are quite a large number of Mini Z owners in the Brissy area as places such as HobbyOne, HobbyRama, Mr Toys Toyworld that previously had them in stock have moved them all out.

My friend Charlie and I are interested in starting a club if other small 1/28 scale RC owners are wanting to join. Reply on the thread and hopefully we can put together a small race soon!

2010.08.09, 06:36 PM
blurrc from ausmicro.com I think is in brissy.. he came to one of our burncity large track days. He was racing a micro-T but I reckon he'd be interested if you organised something.