View Full Version : Calling all Ann Arbor Dojo Members

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.01.13, 07:35 AM
Calling all Dojo Members and it's various sub clubs especially "camera club", "manufacturing club" or even "PSP club", "F1 club", "Rebull club" and even if there is a "Submarine Sandwich Club". :)

Since we now have Mini-ZRacer.com Direct on the Marketplace, I need a good way to photograph the items. So, I was thinking about something like this:


I don't need the big lights and the tripod (have one already), but a nice box which is preferably black where I can take pics of items as large as a Readyset. D said that he would get one made for me, but i haven't seen one yet, and have a bunch of Marketplace cluttering up my house and baby who is learning all to well how to get into stuff like that.

So.....There is free Race Entry for a month as a "prize" along with my eternal gratitude and perhaps a homemade dessert treat. :) Let me know if you're interested or have any other questions.

Thanks fellas!!! :)

2010.01.13, 08:31 AM
I have that same photo studio box, it's a very nice kit and when your done if folds up nicely and you can put it away.

I'd recommend it. :)

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.01.16, 02:21 PM
Thanks for the tip - I haven't heard anything from our local guys yet, so I think I might just go ahead and get this one - I like that it folds up nicely! Thanks again for the recommendation :D

2010.02.06, 05:03 PM
Try these links for a really cheap, quick and easy light box. Your Mr asked me about this a loooong time ago and I gave him these links but I wouldn't be surprised if that's as far as the idea went.

I've seen those little folding box ones at Meijer and Walmart but they want around $50. I built mine out of some scrap wood and fabric for around $5.