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2010.01.13, 10:37 AM
Mike and I have been kicking around some ideas to try and make it more interesting when the HSH racers get together with the MBMZR crew. The coolest thing weve come up with is a point series to see which of our groups performs best on a regular basis. It will be a friendly challenge, but should still enhance the desire to do well, and increase our competition levels a little.

What I am proposing is a one year long trophy series in which we will score each club at each event that we both have representation at. We would have an individual 'cup', and a team 'cup'. Each 'cup' would have a base with room for engraved plates. After each event, we get the winners names engraved, then let the winner keep the trophy for display and bragging purposes until the next race. At the next race the cycle would restart, with the winners claiming the trophy until the next meet. At the end of the year we total all the points from all of the events, and the yearly champion is awarded the trophy to keep as their own. Next year we buy two more 'cups', and do it again :D

For scoring Id like to do something like this:
1st place A-Main - 50 points
2nd place A-Main - 47 points
3rd place A-Main - 45 points
4th place A-Main - 44 points
5th place A-Mani - 43 points
6th place A-Main - 42 points

1st place B-Main - 40 points
(same progression as A-Main)

1st place C-Main - 30 points
(same progression as upper mains)

This would make bump-ups worth a 2 point increase at minimum, and give a little extra point spread to the winners and second place finishers.

As far as racer eligability, I think we should limit it to scoring the number of racers in which the lesser group has participating for that particular class.

If both teams have 10 racers each in a class, then the team collects all the points from the racers. If one team has 5 in a class, and the other has 7, only the top 5 of each team will be scored in that class.

What do you guys think? Ive dubbed the Jaunary 30th Race the "Carolina Cup Challenge", but want to denote it as Race 1 of a series, not just one event. I will have a trophy for the overall induvidual winner, as well as one for the clubs to compete over in this event. If every one likes the idea as much as Mike and I, the trophies will be traded back and forth through out the year (or we can just hold on to it all year long :D).

Let me know what you think.

2010.01.13, 10:52 AM
sounds cool.im game .

2010.02.14, 04:55 PM
So, after the first event MBMZR starts off with the cup! Landon lead the days points for the individual cup with Rodney and Chad close behind. The rest of the field is stacked up pretty close, and this looks like it will be a good run for a year if we get the same level of participation at all of the events.

Here is the official spread sheet I put together. Hopefully every one can understand how the points are scored and tallied by looking at the chart. If youve got any questions feel free to ask.


If you check it out, Rodney and I only finished 6 points apart, with Chad only 6 points behind. What I think is extra cool, is the 6 point spread between Rodney and I was decided in the GT B-Main. If he would have taken the bump up, and finished in fifth in the A, as I did, we would have tied. Of course if he would have placed any higher, it would have put him in the lead alone. The reason I put it on that race, is for most of the 5 minutes, he and I were within the distance of the straight away from each other. For a good part of the beginning of the race I pressured him all I could. One mistake let me by, and even though he ran me down, and we finished seconds apart, I mantained the position for the bump. Its even more exciting knowing that it became the deciding factor for me keeping the cup :D

Here are the team standings. It looks like a pretty large margin, but in the grand scheme of things, it could have just been the difference of Pedro. If we put him into the points group of most of the top guys (where Im sure he would have fallen), the totals would be much closer! Of course, we never know what that would have done to the rest of the group, but we do know what actually happened :p


For me the closeness of the two groups (as groups and as individuals within the groups), just shows us what we are going to have to bring to the table if we want the title!! The fact that Matt, and Hank are pretty regular at our events, and both bring a threat to the individual title just makes it all that much more interesting and challenging!!

Looking forward to the next event......

2010.06.25, 09:38 PM
yo yo yoooo,when is the next date? lets get something rolling. you know me and myssie will help out.i know chad will be in also. i know it's hard with the new one on the way. lets see if we can get a date worked out. lets do some racing:).