View Full Version : Is M8 or any top FM radio compatible with Iwaver 02M

2010.01.14, 06:48 AM
Hi everyone?

Just got myself an Iwaver 02M on FM 27mhz, tried it on my M8 controller as it is FM27, but it doesn't work...

Has anyone successfully setup this car with a good controller? or anyway to modified the PCB to make it work?

Many thanks.


2010.01.14, 03:03 PM
M8 is Sanwa right?!?

I have tried changing crystals on my rental Iwaver 02M, the Sanwa compatible crystals don't work with the stock FM tx, but the Futaba compatible crystals works well.

So I think, the PCB of the Iwaver 02M will also with any Futaba compatible tx.

2010.01.16, 02:04 AM
Kool, will give that a try..:)