View Full Version : Pn Tire Setup Advice on RCP

2010.01.14, 12:48 PM
Hi Guy...i've been trying to get a nice setup using the pn tires on rcp...could anyone advice me pls...anyway whats the different in grip with the type x versus radials versus slicks? Whats the lifespan of these tires? Whats the best way to store them/ prevent them from hardening?

Thanks in advance!! :)

2010.01.14, 12:59 PM
PN6 radials wide => but they only last about 2 hrs of runtime
PN20 slicks narrow => lasts forever (10-12 hrs) with great amount of traction and very consistent as well.

Just keep 'em on a bag.
Stay away from radials front for now as they're aggressive on steering...

2010.01.14, 01:10 PM
how does the radials rears compare to paradas rears and slicks rears?

2010.01.14, 01:21 PM
I dont use any other PN rears but PN6 radials. This is tested to work on a mid-high grip tracks.

To save $ and time, ask your local fast driver for set up. This is mini-z, they should share that with you. =)

2010.01.14, 01:25 PM
i have been having great success everywhere i run using pn 8 fronts and pn 6 rad rears... the 6 rears do run out quick but the better i got the longer they lasted... as long as you arent out there whipping the rear end out and trying to bring it back in they will last...

2010.01.14, 10:12 PM
On my Mr-02 I used to use PN RCP Slick 10s in front and PN Radial 6s in the rear. With McLaren F1 (older version) body and ATM Stock R motor the car would push in high speed turns. So the 8s probably would've been better in front. Currently on the same car I use ATM Grooved 40s front and PN PARADA 6s in the rear. Tons of steering with this setup. I had to turn down the steering. Rear grip about the same as with the PN Radial 6s. I use the PN Radial 6s in the rear of my MAs, seem to have more grip than the PARADAs. In front I use either ATM Grooved 40s or the ATM Slick R 40s depending on the MA.
I don't know of any special way of storing tires to keep them in good condition. I keep mine in a tool box. I'm not really sure what the shelf life of a tire is. I've had tires over year old and they worked fine when I used them. There was the one tire that melted? in the pack. Not sure what that was about. One tire looked melted and the other tire looked fine. Anyway, if you notice your losing grip on your car you can clean them WD-40. It may seem like a weird thing to do, but it works. Thanks to one Mr. Tabush for that tip.