View Full Version : MA-010 Questions, Screws,Body,Pinion/Spur,BallBearings,TX, pls help=)

2010.01.15, 04:47 AM

I have a few questions which I'm hoping you can help me with...

1. I have been taking my Ma-010 apart with our little kitchen knife and am starting to ruin a few of my screws. Could someone please tell me which screwdriver to buy which fits the ma-010 screws. Im in UK if someone could link a suitable one on ebay or something that would be great.

2. Ive got the subaru imprezza '09 wrc body and a pretty hard impact with the wall the other day broke a piece off the front of my body where it fits into the white body holder. I have glued it back on for now. I was looking at buying a AE86 Trueno body -will this be much stronger / less likely to break. replacing bodies is obv quite expensive, so need a strong one.

3. Have installed ball bearings in my car, should I have lubricated them or something? Is there a correct way to insert them (on one side you can see the balls).

4. My spur gear keeps popping off, any way to secure this more? Theres a hole underneath the car with access to the pinion/spur, so it can pop out onto the floor when driving

5. ive got the perfex kt18 tx - im assuming that unless the battery light is blinking the battery life in the tx doesnt make a difference to the speed of the car?

So far ive only bought ball bearings for my car, looking at getting some drift tyres, a new body, and then thinking about an xspeed motor for drifting, and possibly a replacement screw set ..will this make for a good drifting car? I mostly drive around my house on carpet..

Thanks for your help!

2010.01.15, 06:12 AM

1. http://www.bleedingedgeracing.com/product_p/700600.htm

2. Most bodies will break if hammered into the wall..
You could by a plastic/composit bumper, specifically designed for a given body.. This helps reduce your broken bodies..

5. Correct.

?. For drifting, tires and a strong motor is a good start, the screw set doesn't really affect anything other then weight.. I would look at the suspension as well..

2010.01.15, 09:12 AM
1) I simply use a philips screw driver which is about 3mm diameter (see image) - get a good name brand, preferably a german made or a US made tool brand. The china ones often will have soft tip and will either ruin itself or the screws head in time.

2) most bodies would be like that... I use a make-shift EVA foam 5mm thick as bumper which I attached to the bumpers using double sided tapes.

3) yup, lubricate and clean before installing. I use sealed bearings (you can not see the balls). But in my tamiya mini 4WD, I use install those types of bearings that you use with the balls hidden... my logic, dust will not easily get stuck betwee the balls of the bearing because it is "inside" and hidden.

4) it was probably installed wrongly and the "hole" got bigger. replace them with a new one. If you don't have a budget yet, CA them into the shaft. Clean the oil first if it is oily... CA will not work if you have too much oil.

6) drifting on carpet... no need to increase motor power (unlike 1/10th scale) or replace the motor. Stock motor will work just fine... just replace the tires with drift tires and play around with your springs to get the right tuning.

If you are in a budget, you might want to try taping the outside of the rubber tires (I use electrical tape but packaging tape should also be fine) to make them smooth and loose grip for the time being. You'll get some good drifting actions already with that simply modification and its budget friendly.