View Full Version : Will old mini-z bodies fit the new 2.4 chassis?

2010.01.19, 09:38 PM
I've been out of mini zs for a while. However, I have a custom body kit project I started about 6 years ago I'd like to finish, and my 10 year old AM mini z is pretty much uncontrollable with all the glitching problems. I was just wondering if the newer 2.4 chassis will fit the old body kits. Also, wheres the best place to buy a 2.4 Readyset? Thanks!

2010.01.19, 10:56 PM
did you have the mr-01?

The 2.4ghz system actually comes in a few different chassis now.
2wd: mr-015, mr-02 and the newest mr-03 (2.4 comes standard with the 03).
AWD: of course the ma-010.

I believe 2.4 also comes in the formula cars. Don't think overlands/monsters are sold with 2.4.

The older bodies will fit. They are pretty much like any of the newer bodies, made with the exact same mounting system if that's what youre wondering. All the chassis have adjustable wheelbases/motor mount positions also.

As far as where to buy a 2.4 mini-z, I'm sure there's some available here.
Unfortunately, the 2.4ghz mini-zs aren't sold as complete readysets. You can buy any of the chassis I mentioned with or without a body. For the transmitter, you'll need to buy one (2.4ghz) seperately.

2010.01.20, 02:57 AM
welcome back!!!

hmm... currently for 2.4ghz... there are 3 chassis choices mr015, mr02 and mr03, oh there is an awd (ma010) as well... and an f-1? as jjay mentioned...

if your 10 year old chassis is what i think it is, it'll probably be a mr01 (just guessing though)... what body do you have?

anyway, you may want to purchase a mr015 2.4 ghz chassis which is compatible to most mr01 bodies... however your best bet would be to get a mr03 ghz chassis... since this chassis caters to both mr01 and mr02 bodies...

best place to get the ready kits? you might want to try the shop here they might have some in stock... or may opt to find an online shop someplace else...

good luck... and hope this helps... :D

2010.01.20, 04:16 PM
Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll just show you what I'm trying to do, maybe you could recommend something that will work well. I bought my Mini Z back in 2000, it is AM. It came with a black Audi TT body, which I'm not crazy about, so I bought a Castrol Acura NSX body for it. But the custom body pictured, is the one I'm trying to complete. I'm using the Audi brackets, and for now, the Audi TT wheels with the stock tires from the AMT model kit. When complete, it will be a scale model of Christine, the 1958 Plymouth Fury from the movie/Stephen King novel. I just need a 2.4 chassis that I can stretch to match it's wheelbase. Also, I will need a headlight/brakelight kit, if anyone knows of any.

2010.01.20, 05:11 PM
that's a fantastic body, can't wait to see it finished when it is :D what colour do you plan to paint it?

2010.01.20, 05:31 PM
It will be finished in the two-tone Christine color scheme- red body with white top, lots of chrome. I plan on buying four front wheel white Mini Z dish rims with zero offset, then either painting the center silver or somehow adapting the AMT kit's hubcaps to fit. This should give it a white wall tire effect. I'm looking for as scale as possible a look. I'd have finished it already, but packed everything away after my AM chassis gave up the ghost.http://www.boutiquecalandre.com/images/ERTL/ert18_58_Plymouth_Fury_Christine.JPG

2010.01.21, 01:27 AM
hmm... nice project you have there... from what i know kyosho came out with the following wheelbases: 86mm (S) 90mm (M) 94mm (L) 98mm(LL) 102mm(3L) & 104mm(4L)

you could probably squeeze a bit more out by using the mm mount with an rm h-plate...
but the extension you fabricated looks pretty good...

hmm.. just did a search... here is a thread ''introducing christine (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14894&highlight=1958+Plymouth+Fury)" (posted by fast4buy way back in 2004...)

fast4buy's version...

bottom line is, if it can be thought out, it can be built... :D good luck on your project and don't forget to post pics when it's finished...

oh found a funny video too...crash test dummies (http://www.youtube.com/v/h7AqLINciGU)
from the thread... crash test dummies (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26447&highlight=christine+car)

2013.01.06, 02:59 PM
Well, I wanted to show you guys the finished project, hopefully the picture loads this time. If not, here's link to the the build thread...


2013.01.06, 06:44 PM
looks like a lot of work has been put into your project...
really cool, thanks for sharing... :D

2013.01.07, 12:09 AM
wow talk about wheel base!
That's some really nice work man!