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2010.01.20, 08:28 AM
Times received for Races 1 and 2, and a few time trial submittals. :)

Salt Lake Mini-Z
Remnant Mini-Z Racing Club

Formula 1:
Salt Lake Mini-Z

Track 1 Time Trials:
Robert M
Bill C

2010.01.21, 02:12 PM
clacton mini z racers sent there results sunday have you got them yet or should we resend them?

2010.01.21, 02:58 PM
I'm sad to report that the guys that turned up last week and the guys the week before didn't want to race HFAY, so probably won't be submitting any times for layouts 1 or 2 for OLPS.

I can think of a few reasons:

1) they didn't want to have to buy new motors that were compliant (what can I say, the prices are good,but I guess money is tight right now for most ppl)
2) they didn't want to have to buy transponders to race with. -I've addressed this by arranging for transponder rentals. They're $5 for the day now.
3) They all wanted to run a big track layout not HFAY layout. I know alot of guys run in their house and I guess they want a different experience.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, just thought I'd mention though re: result submissions for Layout #1 and 2.

2010.01.21, 03:09 PM
You can run with stock motors and the HFAY spec motor. Is there any other options? Also, I forget what season of spec motors I have, but are any spec motors from past seasons allowed? As far as I can tell it appears that only stock motors and HFAY spec motors (any season) are allowed according to the season 9 manual.

I wanted to make sure this is correct since I will be racing this weekend.

2010.01.21, 04:44 PM
so long as you have a stock kyosho motor (assuming they are mini-z's) you need not buy anything. i'm sure there are plenty of people that will give those away.

2010.01.21, 08:27 PM
And any season's spec motor?

2010.01.22, 12:38 AM
And any season's spec motor?

no, the season 4 atomic motors are not allowed. it need to be the 70 turn motor.

2010.02.01, 11:08 AM
No times from atlanta miniz. Hopefully I can get some racers to come out in the coming months. Sucks to regain my racing form and now not have enough racers to submit times regularly. My times would have been to ten this month based on last seasons results:) PINOYBOY is back with us but only wants to run on the large tracks.

I will start submitting time trials next month to get up on the leaderboard.

2010.02.01, 11:29 AM
I've received lots of times, I'll try and get the list updated tonight and get times posted in the next few days.