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2010.01.20, 01:33 PM
i know its been done (and flamed) before but we recently decided to have a lil competition on who can build the fastest aaa car in the uk running off the shelf parts;)

i fancied playing with a new motor wind so this is the result;

24t hemi wound spiral arm
ceramic bearings
M1 motor can
stock motor magnets

the car just has a few mods for the run;

ATM ceramic awd hub bearings on the rear axle
Reflex Racing spur with PN 11t pinion
Tagu rims
asc tyres
Spider turbo
R1 wurks 990 cells

Youtube Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqxnEq_mZBg)

2010.01.20, 03:52 PM
Holy shiznits batman!

Got any pics of the armature before you put it in the can? What gauge wire?

Any torque out of that thing, or is it all speed?


2010.01.20, 03:55 PM
Luv it!:D:D:D

2010.01.21, 03:44 AM
its 28swg,one of the rules is the car has to drive still so its got a bit of torque:)

the motor may pull more rpm's with some timing adjustments and brush cutting.

where's yours Larry:p

2010.01.21, 09:46 AM
Got any pics of the armature before you put it in the can?


2010.01.21, 11:01 AM
maybe after the competition is over;)

2010.01.21, 12:13 PM
:) yea can't reveal secrets! :D

2010.02.02, 10:56 PM
its 28swg,one of the rules is the car has to drive still so its got a bit of torque:)

the motor may pull more rpm's with some timing adjustments and brush cutting.

where's yours Larry:p

I need to call my good buddy up and get this installed....:D Always too much going on for me to get done what I want to get done. I have been telling my electronics-expert friend for a really-long time I am going to someday get this out to him for an install, just that time goes by so damn fast... Never get to all my pet projects:(

2010.02.03, 09:44 AM
So, is the competition over? Did you win? Can we see the arm yet?


2010.02.04, 11:13 AM
I got 42km/h on my MR02 2.4Ghz with a ATM Z2 motor... but 75km/h!!!! WOW!!!! (i know it must have some more to give case at 42 the tyres flew off....)

That thing flies!!!! do you have a big enough track to drive that at?

luke hall
2010.03.15, 04:15 AM
75km/h thats amazing, i wish i had a proper big car that could do that, lol

are there any plans to go faster or are you content with that?

2010.03.15, 05:19 AM
working on making it faster;)

2010.03.15, 05:49 AM
I try some Lipo 7.2V with Eagle Racing BB motor and 12/43 gearing, and got 64km/h. Try some lithium there, just for fun and post the results!

2010.03.15, 06:52 AM
I'd love to see that on a track lol...

2010.03.15, 07:07 AM
this is for AAA nimh only,ive done the lithium/lipo cars before,too easy to hit high speeds:p

2010.03.15, 07:28 AM
Sure it is!!! But with this setup, I was just curious to see what a Lipo Pack would do to it....

2010.03.15, 12:41 PM
didn't you promise to show us the arm after the competition?

Pretty please?


2010.03.15, 12:53 PM
im still waiting for entrants but why not,ill take some tomorrow:)

2010.03.20, 10:24 AM
New Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcuaAvZuxdQ)

84kmh on orion 900hv's and a new motor,
23t using a pn blank,timing @+5:)

2010.03.21, 04:32 AM

my first entry @ 75Kph :)
new run in a few days when some orders have come and i have what i need :)
can't wait to try and top 94kph, gonna be a challenge alright!

2010.03.21, 07:28 AM
Can you change the wheels too? What wheels are you using? 21mm or bigger wheels woud put some extra km/h on the top speed.

2010.03.21, 01:19 PM
21mm wheels allowed, i'm moving to 21.55mm narrow's so i have less friction on the checker, and added kph, i think matt is already on the 21's :)

2010.03.21, 02:22 PM
Gear it up to the moon... Find the largest pinion combination, and you should be able to max out the checker with the ATM Stock-R...

2010.03.21, 08:11 PM
Our rules have only off the shelf mini z parts:)
I'm running narrow 21.5 rims with asc tyres
pn 64p 51/14 gearing

2010.03.21, 09:48 PM
I would use LM rear tires on 21.5mm rear wheels ;) Or even better, OL wheels... Also, make sure to run the diff VERY tight, and put something underneath the chassis to take most of the load off of the rollers. You want just enough contact between the tires and rollers to make them spin. The weight of the chassis on the rollers will slow them down since I dont think they use bearings.

I would assume that the weight of the wheels and drivetrain shouldnt make much of a difference on top speed, since lowering the weight will only increase acceleration. Once the motor is topped out, the speed should be the same regardless of the weight of the wheels.

For gearing, use an Overland spur... I think its a 36t. And a 12t OL or MZM pinion. That gear ratio will be much faster than the 64p 51/14 setup.

2010.03.22, 03:20 AM
overland isn't quite the mini-z mk2 means :p but that's an interesting suggestion lol ^^

2010.03.22, 12:08 PM
Its still off the shelf Mini-z parts... When I look at rules, I let me imagination run wild.

Even if the OL parts cannot be used, Im sure that there are some points that I wrote that can be used. LOL. We did some Speed Checker battles back in the day, and it was lots of fun.