View Full Version : Atomic Ball Diff with PN 64Pitch Spur?

2010.01.20, 02:03 PM
Can the Atomic Ball Diff take the PN 64 Pitch Spurs?
I was looking at getting the "PN Racing 64 Pitch Delrin Spur Gear 52T with Ball Bearing" for a project i have!

2010.01.20, 02:39 PM
yes,i have that setup on another car:)

2010.01.20, 02:40 PM
ok awesome thanks Matt :]

2010.01.20, 03:47 PM
Hey Matt, can you name something you want that you don't have?:D:D:D

J/K my friend. But you do have a serious score of goodies.:D:D:D

I can also vouch the PN 64p gears + center bearing works as a direct-replacement for Atomic V2 MR02/03 ball diff. Very nice diff for the price.

2010.01.20, 04:20 PM
Yups. Its a direct bolt-on. You DON'T have to sand down the outer hub to make the diff rings flush like the kyohso differential when using the PN 64 pitch spurs.

2010.01.20, 04:32 PM
ok cool, and good as i haven't sanded them down for the Atomic one yet anyway :p "never got round to it"