View Full Version : Cleaning an RCP tile

2010.01.21, 04:21 AM

Well, our RCP track has absolutely NO grip.. We've tried vacuming the track, without getting a petter result.. Also the track is somewhat covered in tiredust.

How do you guys clean your track, and keep the good grip?

2010.01.21, 06:24 AM
beat the tiles with a bar from behind:D

2010.01.21, 07:56 AM
what tires are you using? it should have great grip out of the box and only get better with use.

2010.01.21, 08:59 AM
Its winter and the track lose some grip when the track temp is below 13C The tires really lose grip then too. Best solution is to vacuum regulary to keep the dust off. warm the tire up in front of a heater, if no heater is available use a light. I have a room heater I will run the can at very low speed infront of the heater for ~ 10 seconds before setting it on the track. The heat tends to saty in the tire is running is continous.

2010.01.21, 11:11 AM
Regular upright with the bristles set on "wood floor"... gotta keep it moving though at all times!

2010.01.21, 11:27 AM
Just had to go through my mini w/ a lint roller because of cat fur- not fun at all. Gotta keep the furry thing outta track room for a few days to enjoy it in peace.

2010.01.21, 12:45 PM
If your track is really dirty (cat hair) set you vac as high as it will go. You just want the bristles to barely make contact. And keep moving. If you need to stop, lift the vac off the track and set down off the track before turning it off. For tire dust I usually take the beater bar (bristles) off the vac entirely remember to take off the belt too. Set the vac as low as it will go. Don't have to worry about stopping while vacuuming, it won't damage the track. This way also will align the tiles nicely. Meaning it will do a nice job of making the seams seamless.

2010.01.22, 09:12 PM
roomba that is all. so it will always be clean