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2010.01.22, 02:08 PM
It is that time again. For the inaugural race we had 75 racers sign up, which I think is one of the largest Mini-Z turn outs. More information to come. Please stay tuned.

Tentative race date is April 24, 2010.

2010.01.22, 02:19 PM
MantisWorx will be there!

2010.01.27, 10:00 AM
jus like last year the question i have is........will there be a pan mod class?;)

2010.01.27, 05:26 PM
jus like last year the question i have is........will there be a pan mod class?;)

I have the same answer that I gave to you last year, NO. Just kidding, I am working on the classes now and should have all the details up soon.

Please stay tuned.

2010.01.27, 07:18 PM
ayayay! I hate pan. lol... 102mm LM instead. j/k :D

2010.01.27, 09:15 PM
ayayay! I hate pan. lol... 102mm LM instead. j/k :D

What are you talking about? Tekin Pan Mod Champ, I hate you too! :)

2010.01.27, 09:27 PM
im down for a mod LM class, they are really fun to drive

2010.01.28, 01:25 AM
What are you talking about? Tekin Pan Mod Champ, I hate you too! :)

Lol... Sorry Philip. I want that 6th place soooo bad. =) I got lucky sir. ;)

2010.01.28, 01:59 AM
Lol... Sorry Philip. I want that 6th place soooo bad. =) I got lucky sir. ;)

Haha! just kidding! lol!

2010.01.28, 09:51 AM
im down for a mod LM class, they are really fun to drive

i agree.. i wish more races would hold a LM class.. love that set up... none the less they look awesome on the track...

2010.01.30, 12:05 PM
Will there be a Mini class and a MRCG class?:p

2010.02.01, 02:42 PM
A lot of people have been asking what the classes are going to be this year. The classes below are not written in stone but they will be very close. All the details will be finalized shortly.

thank you.

Expert Stock: Handout motor
Sportsman Stock: handout motor
Open Modified: Any motor, any ASC or pan body
Formula One Open: Any motor
Mini Open: Any motor, hatchback style body only

2010.02.01, 07:29 PM
a lot of people have been asking what the classes are going to be this year. The classes below are not written in stone but they will be very close. All the details will be finalized shortly.

Thank you.

expert stock: Handout motor
sportsman stock: Handout motor
open modified: Any motor, any asc or pan body
formula one open: Any motor
mini open: Any motor, hatchback style body only:/ edit :/

2010.02.02, 03:20 PM
OPEN F1???? Let me know if this is really gonna happen before i buy one to put together!! gonna ba a fun event! i will run a LM in mod F1 mod and expert stock!!

2010.02.02, 03:21 PM
whats the handout motor gonna be?

2010.02.10, 10:40 AM
Any more info on the race? I just want to book the plane ticket soon while the prices are still low.

2010.02.10, 11:05 AM
Any more info on the race? I just want to book the plane ticket soon while the prices are still low.

Bill, book it, book it, Chad will prepare a ton of beer for you.
One day race at 4/24 (SAT), book your ticket Friday early morning arrive, back home on Sunday night.

2010.02.10, 11:09 AM
what is the handout motor going to be

2010.02.10, 11:15 AM
what is the handout motor going to be

Should be PN 70T, but wait for Binh official post.

2010.02.12, 03:57 PM
Any more info on the race? I just want to book the plane ticket soon while the prices are still low.

Glad to see you can make it out for this. It is confirmed for a one day event on April 24, 2010.

See you soon.

2010.02.12, 03:58 PM
Handout motor has been confirmed for this years KO race, PN 70 turn motor.

Good luck.

2010.02.22, 04:59 PM

Sign ups will go up this week.


2010.02.23, 10:37 PM
Sign-ups are up, good luck.

Link (http://insidelineracing.com/kogp2.html)

2010.02.24, 12:27 AM
Sign-ups are up, good luck.

Link (http://insidelineracing.com/kogp2.html)

Mini Sport Class is it hatchback body only?

2010.02.24, 12:56 AM
Mini Sport Class is it hatchback body only?

Yes, mini class is hatchback body only. I will edit the rules.

Approved bodies:
Mini Copper
Toyota Vitz
Honda Fit
Lancia Delta
VW Bug

2010.03.08, 06:40 PM
Yes, mini class is hatchback body only. I will edit the rules.

Approved bodies:
Mini Copper
Toyota Vitz
Honda Fit
Lancia Delta
VW Bug

I will edit the rules again, but for the Mini class only, the wheels do not have to fit inside the body.


2010.03.08, 09:07 PM
Yes, mini class is hatchback body only. I will edit the rules.

Approved bodies:
Mini Copper
Toyota Vitz
Honda Fit
Lancia Delta
VW Bug

how about vw golf? (it's a 94mm body though)

2010.03.11, 07:09 PM
how about vw golf? (it's a 94mm body though)

Sorry, no VW for mini class. It must be 90mm or shorter.

2010.03.11, 07:09 PM
Just a reminder that March 27th is the last day to sign up.


2010.03.24, 12:51 AM
Just a reminder that the last day for sign ups will be this Saturday.

We will also be doing a KO warm-up race April 10th. All classes will be ran exactly like the KO race day. Good luck everyone, hope to see everyone there.

2010.03.25, 01:49 AM
Just wanted to let everyone know that we will open up a kids class if we have enough entries. If you are interested, just sign up under sportsman and leave me a comment.

Also, we got some press coverage:
Red RC (http://www.redrc.net/2010/03/mini-z-grand-prix-ii-announcement/)

2010.03.27, 05:13 PM
Just a reminder that today is the last day for early sign-ups. As of right now we are almost at 50 racers signed-ups. F1 class is at three entries, five will make a class, so if you have a F1, bring it out.

Good luck.

2010.03.29, 01:32 PM
I just tallied up the sign ups, we are nearing 60 racers now. Less than four weeks left, good luck.

2010.03.29, 02:16 PM
Binh, can you post the drivers list, any drivers from other state?

2010.03.29, 05:58 PM
Binh, can you post the drivers list, any drivers from other state?

Drivers list will be up soon. No out of state drivers at this time have signed up.

2010.04.06, 01:15 PM
KO warm up race will be on April 10th. On this day we will run a brand new layout. This will give people the chance to see what the track feels like right after a track change. We will run the same format as race day. Three classes will be ran, mod, stock (PN 70), and Mini open.

F1 class seems to be picking up steam, we should have at least 6 if everyone shows up.

2010.04.12, 01:03 PM

Few things:

1. I read the rules & reg but didn't see the time on how long the single mains are. Is it 8 or 10 mins?

2. Do we bring our own tables and chairs just like last year?

3. Drivers list?


2010.04.12, 04:49 PM

Few things:

1. I read the rules & reg but didn't see the time on how long the single mains are. Is it 8 or 10 mins?

2. Do we bring our own tables and chairs just like last year?

3. Drivers list?


All A-mains will be 10 minutes except for F1 and Mini, which will be 8 minutes. Drivers should bring a table, chair, and extension cord. For all out of town drivers, I will be providing the table and chairs. You guys are also welcome to bring your own chair. Drivers list coming soon.

Only two weeks left, good luck drivers.........

2010.04.16, 12:39 PM
any drivers list?

2010.04.16, 02:29 PM
Attached is the most updated driver's list.

Good Luck, only one week left.

2010.04.19, 02:07 PM
Wow 24 drivers on Sportsman Stock. :eek:Mucho Drivers!!! He...he...
It's going to be fun....:D

2010.04.19, 11:05 PM
Updated drivers list.

2010.04.20, 04:12 PM
Below is the tentative race day schedule. The schedule is not in stone but it should not change much from what is below.

2010.04.20, 08:05 PM
edit. looks ok now

2010.04.23, 12:32 AM
The location is very easy to find. When you are on Wolfe Road, just look for the large AMC sign and turn into that parking garage. That street is Vallco Parkway. If you come early enough, take the immediate right and that is the closest parking. Then just go through the double doors and that's it. If that lot is full just make the second right and parking is just right there. The entrance is also very close. Please remember this is a BYOTC event, bring your own table and chair. EZ-ups optional.

All day Friday will be FREE open practice. Doors will open at 11am and close at 9pm sharp.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.

Good luck, only one day left............

2010.04.23, 07:47 PM
Start End Min
6:00 AM 7:00 AM 60 Track and Pit Table Set-up
7:00 AM 7:30 AM 30 Check in and Hand out motors
7:30 AM 10:00 AM 150 Controlled Practice
10:00 AM 10:30 AM 30 Drivers meeting/Group picture
10:30 AM 10:37 AM 7 1 Round 1
10:37 AM 10:44 AM 7 3
10:44 AM 10:51 AM 7 4
10:51 AM 10:58 AM 7 5
10:58 AM 11:05 AM 7 6
11:05 AM 11:12 AM 7 7
11:12 AM 11:19 AM 7 8
11:19 AM 11:26 AM 7 9
11:26 AM 11:33 AM 7 10
11:33 AM 11:40 AM 7 11
11:40 AM 11:47 AM 7 12
11:47 AM 11:54 AM 7 13
11:54 AM 12:01 PM 7 14
12:01 PM 12:08 PM 7 15
12:08 PM 12:15 PM 7 16
12:15 PM 12:22 PM 7 17
12:22 PM 12:42 PM 20 Re-Sort/Controlled Practice
12:42 PM 12:49 PM 7 1 Round 2
12:49 PM 12:56 PM 7 2
12:56 PM 1:03 PM 7 3
1:03 PM 1:10 PM 7 4
1:10 PM 1:17 PM 7 5
1:17 PM 1:24 PM 7 6
1:24 PM 1:31 PM 7 7
1:31 PM 1:38 PM 7 8
1:38 PM 1:45 PM 7 9
1:45 PM 1:52 PM 7 10
1:52 PM 1:59 PM 7 11
1:59 PM 2:06 PM 7 12
2:06 PM 2:13 PM 7 13
2:13 PM 2:20 PM 7 14
2:20 PM 2:27 PM 7 15
2:27 PM 2:34 PM 7 16
2:34 PM 2:41 PM 7 17
2:41 PM 3:01 PM 20 Re-Sort/Controlled Practice
3:01 PM 3:08 PM 7 1 Round 3
3:08 PM 3:15 PM 7 2
3:15 PM 3:22 PM 7 3
3:22 PM 3:29 PM 7 4
3:29 PM 3:36 PM 7 5
3:36 PM 3:43 PM 7 6
3:43 PM 3:50 PM 7 7
3:50 PM 3:57 PM 7 8
3:57 PM 4:04 PM 7 9
4:04 PM 4:11 PM 7 10
4:11 PM 4:18 PM 7 11
4:18 PM 4:25 PM 7 12
4:25 PM 4:32 PM 7 13
4:32 PM 4:39 PM 7 14
4:39 PM 4:46 PM 7 15
4:46 PM 5:06 PM 20 Re-Sort/Kids Open Practice
5:06 PM 5:13 PM 7 1 Mains Sports E Main
5:13 PM 5:20 PM 7 2 Sports D Main
5:20 PM 5:28 PM 8 3 Sports C Main
5:28 PM 5:36 PM 8 4 Expert C Main
5:36 PM 5:45 PM 9 5 Sports B Main
5:45 PM 5:54 PM 9 6 Expert B Main
5:54 PM 6:03 PM 9 7 Mini B Main
6:03 PM 6:12 PM 9 8 Mod B Main
6:12 PM 6:24 PM 12 9 Sports A Main
6:24 PM 6:34 PM 10 10 F1 A Main
6:34 PM 6:46 PM 12 11 Mod A Main
6:46 PM 6:58 PM 12 12 Kids A Main
6:58 PM 7:08 PM 10 13 Mini A Main
7:08 PM 7:20 PM 12 14 Expert A Main
7:20 PM 7:50 PM 30 Trophy Presentation
7:50 PM 8:20 PM 30 Clean Up
KO Propo America Mini-Z Grand Prix II Race Day Schedule April 24, 2010

2010.04.24, 08:20 PM
Any updates on the races?:D

2010.04.25, 05:29 AM
Here's afew aerial shots of the race track. Lots of fun and lots of cool people !! I know that there were alot of papparazzi's snapping photos. We'll get them to post links here so you all can enjoy.





My pits along with Team Kyosho Jeff Blackburn's red pit:

2010.04.25, 07:18 PM
First and foremost, I would like to thank Binh and the ILR racing crew for running a spectular race event. Probably, the most organized event I ever been to in my whole entire racing career. The races were scheduled right ON TIME for every race runned. Even through we had two power shut downs, Binh and the crew kept the races flowing. If I was scheduled to race at 1:24pm, that's when I raced !! Awesome job !! This race was the funniest race i've been to. EVERYBODY had a smile, laughs were heard throughout the pits and driverstand, and there was a good vibe I felt just being there. I said to myself many times, " This is what fun is and this is what i've been looking for !! " It was nice to see old friends, existing friends, and meet new friends. The guys from SoCal ( Grant, Chad, Mr. Bill, Lukus, and Phillip Ng ) are so cool. I had many laughs with Chad and Grant that I will always remember. Thanks for the great moments.

There were alot of things that really highlighted my day but the two most memorable are the following: 1) The camaraderie in the pits and driverstand. After each main I watched, every driver congradulated each other with a handshake or a hug. It was so cool to see that. It just tells you that the mini-z community is by far the BEST people in any r/c race venue. You can just tell by looking at everyone's face right after they raced thier mains that they were so happy to be there. 2) The race event that the ILR crew held for the kids. All of them received trophies and all of the little racers had alot of fun. The group shot of the kids with thier trophies is PRICELESS !!!!!! I just wish I had my camara to capture the moment. That definately put a big smile on my face.

So again, I thankyou Binh and the Inside Line Racing crew for holding such a memorable event for me and many others. I look forward to racing more future events with you guys. MINI-Z 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Serafin

2010.04.25, 10:29 PM
Fun race. Here's my kid, he had more fun than anyone at the KO.


2010.04.25, 10:33 PM
one more!


My first KO race. Tons of fun! Thanks Binh and the ILR crew for a fun time. Everyone walked away with great raffle prizes. See you again next time. 2wd stock and F1.

2010.04.26, 06:13 AM
My congratulations to Binh and the ILR staff and crew for another superbly planned and executed event.

2010.04.26, 08:20 AM
Thanks to Binh and the crew at Inside Line Racing for a great KO event. This was my first event and while I did not drive the event,(my 12 year old son Matthew was entered in the kids class and I was pit crew/wrench), the event was top-notch. Only bummer was my son's H-plate on his MR03 broke after he got hit a few times (the kids race was carnage! :eek:), within the first two laps of the race and he DNF'd. :( Needless to say he was pretty upset as he had been looking forward to the race all week. He is okay now, and like any racer, ready to go out there and try again. As I told him, the racer's saying, "that's racing" (even the best out there have bad luck).

We've been racing IL Wednesday nights for a couple of months, and are pretty much complete noobs to RC but having a great time.

I have a bunch of pics and some Mino HD vid clips that I will post links to on the forum later today so stay tuned.

BTW, Binh, your race commentary is top-notch, you always keep it exciting. Keep it up and glad that such a fine Mini-z track and operation is so close to home!


2010.04.26, 12:10 PM
Here are some pictures I took in the morning. I only ran one class so that I can enjoy my day watching the race. While I was eating my breakfast, all of a sudded I started hearing buzzing sound on all the corners of the wall... When I looked around, everyone was breaking in their motors. I decided to take some pics of these guy's ways on how they break their motors in. Majority of the drivers uses, PN break in tool...


Ken Vidal getting his motor ready for break in.
Roger Serafin & Jeff Blackburn (next time, I'll pit across from Roger. This way I wont need to bring my desk lamp.) :)
(left-right) Ray, Roland, John and Derrick.
Roland Timario breaking in his motor.
Derrick Victoriano motor break in
Derrick Victoriano's pit table... :) You name it, he has it. ;)
The Ugalino's: Luke and his father (hehe... that sounded funny. Luke, "I am your father". lol), Jerry. Team Watermelon!!!

2010.04.26, 12:21 PM
Jerry enjoying that yummy breakfast donut provided by ILR.
Ryan Sagisi's motor break in techniques:
Another up and coming fast sportsman drivers from ILR: The brother's Rocky and Mike. (please correct me if I'm wrong with their names, sorry.)
Michael Alan and his wife enjoying the weekend at the track.
Our JDM friend, Moto... Hello Moto!! :D
Moto's M8 radio give by one of his fast Japanese friend driver, Sano Take!
Moto's JDM battery charging tray. MR03 Chassis. hehe...
Kiran and Ronak's car. Father and son team.

2010.04.26, 12:24 PM
John aka Illmatik's pit.
Romel and Vicky Tuason: Now I know why the power keeps on shutting down. ;) hehe... j/k guys!

2010.04.26, 12:36 PM
Hung breaking in his motor:
Father and son: Hung & Khanh's pit w/ Vicky Tuason learning the "secret ingredients" ;) for a proper broken in motor.
John Balatico's two ways of motor break in & his pit:
Father and son: Ken and Austin's pit.
KO Propo's pit
Stephen Bui's prototype motor break in tool. ;)
Stephen Bui of Atomic dominating both stock and mod class in this years KO's race.

2010.04.26, 12:42 PM
Father and son: Raymond & Matthew's motor break in
Steven on the pit. Knowing Steven, he's probably wrenching others cars before he works on his. He is very kind & helpful to others.
ILR Staff and a fast 12 years old kid running in expert class, Brandon.
The track:
Lukas Tobing, Kelly & Grant Matsushima's pit.

2010.04.26, 12:48 PM
Mr. Bill Crotty one of East Coast fast drivers. Always fun racing with Mr. Crotty!
Philip Ng and PN racing's pit table with Chad Nelson and Bill Crotty.
Bill Crotty's say no to turn marshall antenna. :) I'll have to give this a try.
Bill Crotty's Vinyl decal graphics:
Roger Serafin's pit
My Ferrari430GT painted by Roger Serafin of RS Graphix and setup board by Dave G.

2010.04.26, 12:54 PM
The track:

My tires aka "traction roll galore" lol

kids class

Ken taking a video on his son, Joshua.

2010.04.26, 12:59 PM
Nice pics TJ ! That light I have on my pit table also tilts up / down and is rotational :)

2010.04.26, 01:04 PM
Jacob Leung's Parents watching his race in the kids class:
Expert Stock A-main drivers & line up:

Ok, that's it for my camera pics. :)

I would like to thank the following:

-Inside Line Racing for another very, very well organized event.
-PN Racing team for all their help to me and others, very helpful team indeed.
-Sponsors: KO, ilap, Reflex Racing, Atomic, PN, R1 and others.. Thank you!
-Joey Ellis, Ryan Sagisi, David Castro & Roger Serafin for my cars paint jobs.
-Peter, Dee & local drivers of Fast Pace Racing for their support and giving me the chance to spend time on the track for my practice and testing sessions. Thank you guys!
-Larry McCabe III/LL3 & Eric of TSM motors for the hand wound motor that I ran this weekend.
-Larry McCabe III for helping me on how to match my batteries properly with Turbo Matcher 8. Yeah buddy! In house, Matched RP-900 and R1-750. Zero drop in performance for 10 mins with the matched RP900's! RIR in the 9's! :D With 880 mAH, plenty of juice and punch with 3x turn motor. ;)

...and to everyone that attended this great event, Thank you for supporting mini-z and hope to see everyone in 2011 KO Grand Prix 3 event!

2010.04.26, 02:14 PM
Nice pictures Roger & Tjay.... any results of the race ?

2010.04.26, 02:57 PM
I like the pit lane design. Who took second and third for Expert Stock and Open Modified?

2010.04.26, 04:48 PM
found all pn 20 deg tires!!:eek: look at the bag crotty had.nice to see old faces in the crowd from the old days at sheldons and castle.
where did you get those cases that hold the batteries straight up?
the picture with a red holder and trinity pit towel

2010.04.26, 04:59 PM
dvsstrike, the battery cases are bullet cases. I forget the caliber of the ones that I have.. But I tried a few and kept the ones that fit the best. They are only a couple bucks each.

2010.04.26, 05:48 PM
i can't find them anywhere. ****'s sporting goods nada. wally world nada. any suggestions?
yes 45 caliber hand gun should be about the size

2010.04.26, 06:17 PM
they are .45 caliber bullet cases. Do a Google search :P

2010.04.26, 06:31 PM
i can't find them anywhere. ****'s sporting goods nada. wally world nada. any suggestions?
yes 45 caliber hand gun should be about the size

Bass Pro Shop. Also be sure to go into the fly fishing shop. They have a wide variety of containers that can hold a dozen motors in individual compartments and another that carries 20 sets of batteries in compartments that hold a set of batteries each. You can let your imagination run wild with all the little do dads that we can use for racing.

2010.04.26, 08:56 PM
TJ, great pics and descriptions! Nice coverage.

On a side note...........are there any results anywhere?

2010.04.26, 10:20 PM
Here are afew more pics:

Ken and Austin Brumley kickin it in the pits:

TJ and Clint Yow ( YowZa ) enjoying some racin action:

Tech was done here. After your race, put your Tx/Car down and turn marshall !!

Ray Celloni turn marshallen:

Masta of Ceremony Binh. Hung checking out the action.

Team PN Factory Pilot Doug Graham thinking about TQ in modify !!

Kyoshoooooooo Jeff Blackburn reppin !!

An old mini-z face ready to make a comeback, John (Fraz) Frazier:

Atomic Racer Steven Bui showing us how its done !! Doubled: 1st in ex stock and 1st in Modify GT Open. Congrats !!

Austin and Rommel for some stock action !!

2010.04.26, 10:34 PM
Roland showing us his approval for the 2nd annual KO Propo Grand Prix !!

Timing and score keepin !

Vicky ( LadyFox ) gettin ready to practice showing us her new paint scheme. Vicky, you gotta paint me a body !!

The line to get on the track. The line actually wrapped around one of the columns. Practice was only for 2 minutes at a time, so the wait in line was pretty quick. Everybody got enough practice to work on set-up.

Chad Nelson turn marshallin after his race in expert stock.

PN Driver Lukus chillin in the pits !

Me and Roland enjoying the KO race !!

Mr. Horsepower and tire management, Derrick !! What was the rollout again for a 21.5mm ??? hehehe

After Jerry tore-up that Donut, he was dialed !! heheh

My pit table with the bright outdoor florencent fixture !!! hehehe

2010.04.26, 11:12 PM
Thanks for the pictures guys. I wish I could have made this one. It looked like a big crowd, with lots of intense racing.

Congratulations to all of the winners. Especially to Steven Bui ;)

2010.04.27, 01:48 PM
Thank you Mini-Z Racers. This was definitely a great event to be part of. None of this would be possible without our great sponsors, Kyosho, Reflex Racing, Atomic, iLap, PN Racing, R1 Wurks, and of course Robert and Aimee of KO Propo. Like always it takes many hours of preparation to have an event like this run smoothly. All of this is always made possible because of the ILR family. While I am on the microphone all day, Chris, Steven, and Randy are running the show in the background. They are my support system and deserve most of the credit. In addition to them we have many volunteer racers helping throughout the day. They are also a big part of how smoothly the day goes. Big thanks to all the racers that helped out.

The level of competition at this years KO was definitely higher. I love RC and I love to see racers get better and this year I saw many racers improve big time. All the mains went down to the wire and every racer stepped up during their mains and put down a great show. Roland T, was one racer that put in the hard work since last years race and put down a great performance. Derrick, sometimes I like to call him DV, put down the performance of his life. That was the best I have ever seen him drive and he did it when it counted. Alan Mendoza also put down a great performance. JB, John Balatico also put down the hard work leading up to this race and put down a near flawless performance and was able to take home some hardware. Bad news for you though JB, next year expert class. All the guys that I mentioned put in the time and the results showed. Many others put in the practice time and it certainly showed also.

Hands down the performance of the night was Stephen Bui. Stephen took the expert stock class TQ and nearly took the modified TQ until his car lost bind. In the modified A-main he started out in third but quickly made it to the top spot by the third lap and never looked back and eventually lapped the field. In stock class Stephen started on the pole and it was his to lose from the beginning.

In Formula One, it was a two man show between good friends, Shawn and Romel. In the last qualifier, they were both on TQ pace down to the last minute until Romel had a slight bobble. That gave the TQ to Shawn and Romel would have to wait for the mains. In the mains it took Romel five laps to get around Shawn and then he never looked back. Romel was also able to set the fastest F1 time of the night in the main, 10.339 seconds. The battle for third and fourth was also good, Alan M. and Jerry U were only a few car lengths apart for the entire race until Alan ran into some traffic and Jerry got around.

The mini class was dominated early by Ryan S. He drove his Falken Vits to the TQ spot in the last qualifier. Philip has some problems in qualifying which put him in the two spot. Dominic G. was the sleeper in the three spot and DV was the other sleeper in the four spot. The main started out smooth, Ryan, Philip, Dominic, and DV. It only took Philip one lap to jump into the lead. At this point it look to be a repeat of last years race. Philip held down the one spot up until one minute to go then he had a traction roll. At this point a McDonald’s car driven by Dominic took over the lead. This had to be the longest minute of his racing life. If anyone has heard me MC before, you know I put on the pressure. Dominic was able to drive flawlessly for the last minute and take down first place. Sportsman stock class was TQ by Shawn W. The level of driving in this race was second to none. This time next year, most of these guys will be running expert stock. In this race Shawn held down the lead for seven laps until Ray C jumped into the lead. Ray started on the grid in the fifth position. From here it was the Ray and Shawn show. They were both a few feet apart for the entire race with Ray winning by a mere 4.2 seconds at the end. Randy also had a great performance coming from sixth to third and then clipping a rail at the end.

Last years kids class was good and this years event was even better with the youngest being only 2 years old. They just keep getting younger and faster.

It was fun calling all the races and I think I had a pretty good view. I wish I did have more time to walk around the pits and talk to people. The racing is fun but the joking around during the racing is also a lot of fun.

I just wanted to mention this again, the reason we do RC is because we enjoy it. Please remember that this is supposed to be FUN.

Thank you again to everyone that has supported us. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and wants to know when the next one is.

I will have all the race results and pictures up soon. I have been uploading all day.

2010.04.27, 01:51 PM
Your TQ's, Ryan (mini), Stephen (expert stock), Doug (mod), Shawn (sportsman stock/F1)


2010.04.27, 01:55 PM
Mini Class:
First Place: Dominic Garza
Second Place: Ryan Sagisi TQ
Third Place: Philip Ng

2010.04.27, 01:58 PM
Formula One:
First Place: Romel Tuason
Second Place: Shawn Wang
Third Place: Jerry Ugalino


2010.04.27, 02:00 PM
Expert Stock:
First Place: Stephen Bui
Second Place: Chad Nelson
Third Place: Doug Graham


2010.04.27, 02:02 PM
Sportsman Stock:
First Place: Ray Cilloni
Second Place: Shawn Wang
Third Place: John Balatico aka JB


2010.04.27, 02:04 PM
Modified GT Open:
First Place: Stephen Bui
Second Place: TJ
Third Place: Chad Nelson


2010.04.27, 02:07 PM
Kids Class:
First Place: Everyone


2010.04.27, 02:10 PM
More pictures can be seen at the link below. Photos courtesy of Raymond H, thank you.

KO 2010 Pictures (http://s306.photobucket.com/albums/nn274/insidelineracing/2010%20KO%20Propo%20America%20Mini-Z%20GP%20II/?albumview=slideshow)

2010.04.27, 02:14 PM
A main videos courtesy of Moto.

Mini A-main

F1 A-main

Mod A-main

Sportsman A-main where am I ? Can you see me?? Cry

Expert A-main

2010.04.27, 06:15 PM
Nice photos and very high quality videos. Congratulations to all the winners & racers. Atomic is proud of Stephen Bui who is our lone warrior at the KO Race. Winning one race is difficult enough let alone two wins.

Tjay and Roger; I am going to "borrow" a couple of track/pit/award photos but not the individual racer photos. I hope that's OK.

2010.04.27, 06:18 PM
Sai, you're more than welcome to. Please take what you need.

2010.04.27, 08:00 PM
Its all good Sai. Go for it.

2010.04.30, 07:12 PM
This Saturday is going to be the KO cool down race. If you raced the KO, then this race is FREE this Saturday. Doors open at 3pm and racing will start at 6pm sharp. PN 70 turn motor class and maybe mod if we have enough people.

See you at the track.