View Full Version : How do you guys paint/glue your custom model bodies?

2010.01.22, 09:10 PM
Just wondering what kind of glue and paint you use for model bodies on the mini z. Is the standard Testors enamel and cement glue good enough for a mini z that occasionally slams into walls/other cars, etc? Or do you use something tougher, like Rustoleum? I was wondering if hot glue might be a better option for the various body parts (grill, front clip, mirrors, etc) since it is more flexible.

2010.01.22, 09:15 PM
testors will work tamiya will work any hobby grade enamel or acrylic will work with a sealer.as for glue regular ole CA will work fine.most race bodies have to mirrors anyways

2010.01.22, 09:16 PM
I like to use CA glue and toothpicks so I don't waste any glue.

2010.01.22, 09:52 PM
If you plan to race, hot glue is nowhere near strong enough, nor is normal Testors' model cement. CA glue or epoxy are the only ones strong enough, but CA glue is a little bit fragile. On the next body I build I think I will try to use a rubberized CA glue like the kind that Kenon sells, perhaps that will help keep the headlight lenses in place in hard crashes.