View Full Version : Can an MR-03 chassis be stretched like the old AM mini z?

2010.01.23, 09:57 AM
Reason I'm asking is because I need to replace this old AM chassis; it's barely drivable with all the glitching, even though it was very custom body friendly. Seeing how Kyosho just updated the Mini Z to the MR 03 model, I was thinking of going with that. However, looking at the pictures of the chassis, it's difficult to tell whether or not one can make a suitable H plate for an enlongated custom body. I have some non-traditional bodies I'd like to use, and they will require about 3-5" of lengthening.

2010.01.23, 10:07 AM
If you could do it on an AM chassis,you will be able to do it on an 03 chassis too. :)

2010.01.23, 10:22 AM
Sure why not.
Only the H-plate is different in the rear. Motor pod is the same as the mr02