View Full Version : Sunday 7th February Race Meeting

2010.01.24, 11:26 AM
Date & venue booked

Perkins Sports & Social Club,
Tixall Rd,
ST16 3UB

from 1300hrs until 2200hrs.

Cost for the day will be 8. (newcomers free). This includes hot dogs.

Racing Mini z, Xmod, Iwavers......& F1's.

Large track in the afternoon for a 1 hour enduro race open class. Season 9 hfay races 3 & 4 in the evening stock & F1 classes.

No kitchen facilities,,,, bring your own food and drink.....no shops nearby.... but the bar is open all day.

2010.01.26, 06:42 AM
Will try to make it, but I've got the carpet masters that day again.

2010.01.27, 03:29 AM
Lol will you ever make a whole meet? :p

2010.01.27, 08:10 AM
Hopefully, but that's the problem with a floating meeting as opposed to a fixed meeting. I currently know where I'll be racing for the next 6 months via the central booking website, and fit the mini-z in round that.

2010.01.28, 03:26 AM
Ahh reet! Lots of hobbies!

2010.02.06, 05:12 AM
need a couple of you to arrive at my house around 12.45 on sunday to push start the van please.

2010.02.07, 06:19 PM
Sorry I didn't make it. Didn't finish till half 4 and then I was just too tired for anything. Took the win in the D-final though, even though I grip rolled really badly in the second final.

2010.02.08, 02:09 AM
thanks for the great day as usual guys:D

2010.02.08, 04:08 AM
Yeah, good day of racing guys! Great start to the club CC I thought! 10 participants this year! Exciting stuff! :D

The website is STILL down... I think I need to change my service provider. It doesn't happen for long, but when it does... Corr blimey... It happens for ages!

2010.02.08, 07:53 AM
Try TSOhost Tom. 15 a year, 500mb storage, 3gig transfer per month, and as and when you need to upgrade, you just pay the difference. It's who I have the shop with for the past two years, and I've never had any issues or complaints with them, and 99% of the time I get a reply to any email within 5 minutes.

2010.02.08, 08:24 AM
Yeah, they look good Sarah. They cost way more than I pay now though but I spoke to an advisor on the phone and their QOS seems real good! :D

2010.02.09, 05:12 AM
Lol got a new account with TSO Host as per your recommendation. Only cost 250... lol ;) Cheers Sarah!

2010.02.09, 09:51 AM
250!!!! Please tell me that's a typo, or you're reselling or similar.

2010.02.09, 10:02 AM
It's a reseller! :D I need it, I host over a dozen websites for customers and counting! :D It's not that bad either, 'cause I get 30+ back on VAT which is nice. :)

Anyways... Sites back guys!! What a load of hassle! Very sorry!!!!

I've updated the following:
- Picture gallery (http://www.staffordminizracers.co.uk/picture_gallery/2010/gallery_02-07)
- Club Championships (http://www.staffordminizracers.co.uk/club_championships/2010#heat_one)
- Frequencies (http://www.staffordminizracers.co.uk/frequencies)
- Members (http://www.staffordminizracers.co.uk/members/)

The *'s in the CC are people who want to participate but are yet to pay. Let me remind you guys that the deadline is next month, at which point there will be 10 to pay. 7 for the entrance fee and 1 for January, February and March.

I also removed the individual member pages as the current fluctuation of members is making it difficult to keep on top of...

Enjoy peeps!

PS: This new server promises no more than 45 minutes of downtime per month else, I get refunded. SOOOO, no more unscheduled maintenance or anything for days on end lol!