View Full Version : How do PN Orange and QteQ Gold Look Together?

2010.01.24, 05:54 PM
I could have sworn I'd seen a picture of a gold QteQ diff on an orange PN mount, but searched high and low and found nothing.

Can anyone tell me if these colors look good together or not?

Better yet, if you have a picture, please post it.

Thanks! :)

2010.01.24, 06:01 PM
I will see if I can post pics tonight... if I dont get sidetracked. It looks good together, but I prefer the gold on blue ;)

2010.01.24, 06:15 PM
EMU Saw you were on and was hoping you'd respond. A picture would be awesome! I have the QteQ parts in silver, gray and blue. Placed an order with CT last week and went for the gold for my 4th QteQ diff, but wasn't sure how it would look with PN orange.

On a separate note, I didn't want to respond on Mantis' new wheel thread, but thanks for the tip on the NASCAR wheels. Looks like they are in stock here at the shop. Do you know what offset the fronts are and are they the same for all the cars?


2010.01.24, 07:51 PM
The Nascar wheels are 0mm offset, however, they are 1mm wider than the LM wheels, so you are essentially using a 1mm wheel if you mount the tire to the outside of the wheel...

Another option is Classic wheels. If you want a 0mm wheel, the 250GTO has 4 of them (Im pretty sure thats the correct one). I used LM 30 front tires on Nascar wheels for the entire 8 week Nascar point series we ran (finished yesterday). Worked much better than the Nascar tires :) If you need a specific offset for the LM/classic wheels, I can try to help you find out what you need. I am really surprised that there arent any aftermarket wheels for LM... Although, I do prefer standard wheels, since there are more options.

Still at work, so I will take pics when I get home...

2010.01.26, 09:17 AM

I believe the LM Mazda uses +2 fronts while the LM Porsche uses +3, but I'll need to measure to be sure. Our rules require us to use LM tires on LM cars, which is why I'm interested in a better alternative to the stock front LM rims. Luckily, the LM tires are great.

Any luck with pics of QteQ gold on PN orange?