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2010.01.26, 07:15 AM
Maybe a simple question, is there a program or a guide for the best gearing for mini-z, as at the minute I'm relying on guess work.

2010.01.27, 05:00 PM
pn70 =53/13
speed07 =53/11
pn 33-35= 53/9

these are good starting points but the answer to your question is no, there are too many variables to really have more than a base to start with.

2010.01.27, 05:38 PM
Thanks, I know there's a gear ratio calculator, but you need to know something about the diff of the car (I'll have to find out what that is). My car is fast, but it's too fast, so I'm defending more than attacking.

2010.01.27, 09:33 PM
You can just divide the # of teeth on the spur by the # of teeth on the pinion, MR-series Mini-Z's are pretty simple machines.

If your car's too fast, then just drop the gearing down by one tooth on the pinion. That way you can use the power you have to attack coming out of the corners instead of defending. ;)

2010.02.11, 01:41 PM
This might help:

And wouldn't the transmission ratio be 1:1 since its direct drive?

2010.02.11, 04:38 PM
found this picture


on this site


kinda sums it up :)

2010.03.05, 11:49 PM
Just another idea is to gear to the ratio that allows your motor to reach it's maximum rpm at 3/4 distance of the track's longest staightaway. It has been a good starting point for me.