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2010.01.28, 11:34 AM
JohnnyRays Gaming
317 Front street
Lynden, WA 98264
United States
Phone # 360-746-8345
Cell # 360-820-4797
Email: fapilot@comcast.net
Web: www.johnnyraysracing.com (Under Development)

I have been working with Dave at JohnnyRays Gaming, They are setting a full time mini-z track complete with Giro-Z timing system. They have purchased 3 wide L tracks, 3 expansions, and the Giro-Z Timing system and will be getting setup to start racing, probably by this weekend. :cool:

Contact Dave for further information about when they will be running and additional racing details.

Here are some pictures of the track.


2010.01.28, 11:56 AM
Track looks good. However, right before the main straight with the start\finish line is a smaller straight (going clockwise). On the outside edge of the beginning of that straight is installed a rail piece with an outward bulge that absolutely should not be there. Don't know what you call that piece exactly, but it is installed exactly in the right spot to inhibit making a good line through there. Might want to rethink it. Just my .02...


2010.01.28, 12:11 PM
I see what you mean , It would sure get hit a lot coming out of the corner. I'm sure Dave will see this and can take your advice into consideration.

2010.01.28, 12:16 PM
thanks for the input its very appreciated. We put this together with the 3 wide L tracks.Had too many of those tiles & not enough of the others so i just slammed em in to get it together.Today the expansion kits come so ill make the change & repost the pictures.Thanks a bunch for the input!!

2010.01.28, 12:54 PM
awesome... glad to see the hobby is still growing and that there are new tracks opening up like this one... all the luck in the world... congrats...

2010.01.28, 12:55 PM
Thanks a bunch for the input!!

No prob; looks like a great track. Wish I could drive it!