View Full Version : Atomic Steering Knuckle V-III problem

2010.01.28, 01:01 PM
I recently got these in the mail, and when I tried to fit them on, my (Atomic) bearings got stuck near the top of the shaft. Now the bearing is stuck on the knuckle halfway and I have no way of removing of pushing the bearing in.

Uh, what do I do now?

2010.01.28, 03:16 PM
You can try to heat the bearing... Dont force it, that could bend the shaft and mess up the bearing. I had a bearing stuck on a Kyosho F1 knuckle, and I heated it with a lighter, and was able to remove the bearing relatively easily.

2010.01.28, 03:56 PM
Wow, thanks! You're my new hero.

2010.01.28, 04:11 PM
Did you manage to get it off? I have only had the problem on that one knuckle, I tried a few different bearings, and found the ones that fit the loosest on it. In manufacturing there are always slight differences in tolerance for the parts. One might be a little larger diameter shaft, which will work with most bearings, but when you have a bearing that is a little tight in its tolerance, it will get stuck. You can try polishing down the shaft a little with very fine grit sandpaper if you want to let the bearing slip on easier.

2010.01.29, 08:28 AM
Yeah, first thing I did when I got it off was to sand the shaft down a bit and now it's working just fine. Thanks a bunch.

2010.01.30, 11:12 AM
Thank you EMU for helping to resolve the issue before I read this. If anyone in North America encounters issues with any Atomic parts please contact me immediately by PM or email.