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2010.01.28, 09:17 PM
if you follow super gt .the nsx will no longer be allowed to race .and honda had to build a replacement and.kyosho followed.with the HSV 10 GT


2010.01.28, 09:41 PM
Good find.............now we need more pics.:)

2010.01.28, 11:53 PM
hmm... here are some...
that is just downright nasty... :D

2010.01.29, 12:02 AM
hmm... man that was quick... unless i'm mistaken, i think this is one of the fastest turnouts that kyosho is going to produce... quite up to date... great going kyosho... (i do hope that it is a legit kyosho body & not a model on a chassis)...

2010.01.29, 12:12 AM
sounds reaally bad too...
check it out on you tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZFWpEeq-Bk&feature=player_embedded#)

2010.01.29, 12:18 AM
yay!! i will have the chance to watch the real car in Malaysia in June 2010!!!!

2010.01.29, 12:32 AM
2010 Autobacs Super GT Series race schedule... (source wikipedia)

1 Japan Suzuka Circuit - March 21
2 Japan Okayama International Circuit - April 4
3 Japan Fuji Speedway - May 2
4 Malaysia Sepang International Circuit - June 20
5 Japan Sportsland SUGO - July 25
6 Japan Suzuka Circuit - August 22
7 Japan Fuji Speedway - September 12
8 Japan Twin Ring Motegi - October 24

2010.01.29, 12:33 AM
lucky dog... :D oh and can the lucky dog post some pictures when the series gets there?

2010.01.29, 01:17 AM
The picture is not from a real AutoScale, it is a Static Model Adaptation. I am sure Kyosho will release one eventually. This popped up on the Spanish Forums a couple of weeks back and then we found out it was an adaptation...

2010.01.29, 01:42 AM
bleh... knew it was too good to be true... :rolleyes: :D

2010.01.29, 04:56 AM
lucky dog... :D oh and can the lucky dog post some pictures when the series gets there?

sure will herman :D

2010.01.29, 09:39 AM
was that a jar of lube in the pic with the body? maybe...hmmm...if it was a static model and not ASC, then I guess that was what he was thinking of ...

2010.01.29, 10:13 AM
was that a jar of lube in the pic with the body? maybe...hmmm...if it was a static model and not ASC, then I guess that was what he was thinking of ...

yea it was a jar of diff lube and the new ko tx .the toy fair is just around the corner .if it is a real asc then some one will have pics of it .

2010.01.29, 12:22 PM
saw the vids of the HSV 10 GT on youtube about 2 weeks ago, looks like an absolutely fantastic car, can't wait to see it in action on the track in a real race :)

2010.01.29, 12:25 PM
and to top it off, it literally sounds like an F1 car :)

2010.01.29, 03:24 PM
Looks like a mixed breed of too-many makes thus not very pleasing to my eye. I do like the fact that Kyosho jumped on a new model so quickly.

2010.04.16, 03:38 AM
just saw this from this link (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://sudacolumn.cocolog-nifty.com/typer/2010/04/post-813f.html&rurl=translate.google.com.ph&usg=ALkJrhggvEl7nBE8Ix3LvOfDNTdL8XQshw)

honda hsv...

the real thing...

if kyosho's making this in 1/10... how far off do you think it would take them to make them in mini-z scale... hmm... wishfull thinking... :D

2010.04.16, 03:39 AM
grr.. can't edit...

the real thing...

2010.04.16, 03:52 AM
link (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://www.kyosho.com/blog/rc/index.php%3Fid%3D10030006&rurl=translate.google.com.ph&usg=ALkJrhgF5vrbKzV7J06MmVtDdmvhann_TA)

hmm... think i was fooled...

In the machine just fine performance, this time the honor of TF-5 SUPER GT Suda Keniti players fought challenge from Seki, Gifu Prefecture. Following two previous day's qualifying match against No. 1 overall, became happy winner. Monai Honda HSV color machine while Epson announced. "What? Body that, are you out yet?" Might have seemed, unfortunately, Kyosho still being planned. Suda's machine actually Fairlady Z based on the existing body, is the only real custom color. WEB published on vehicle photos, just two weeks before this final. Suda, Honda fans as a player, that was the topic of collaboration and Nakajima Racing Kyosho, and I decided to play on this machine means. PC-maintenance and the actual work of data creation, and it was rush job to make do with the help of a friend. Balancing act that was played at the venue you'll go immediately after completion. And this achievement. After the final round if you roll a result would indeed be a perfect event.


2010.04.16, 04:02 AM
hmm... what do you guys think?

2010.04.16, 04:44 AM
Looks like they are becoming like NASCAR....

2010.04.16, 10:35 AM
Looks like they are becoming like NASCAR....

Still a long way for that! At least they still have real lights.

But I agree, I don't like too many wings on GT's or Touring Cars (like DTM).

2010.04.16, 11:14 AM
Still a long way for that! At least they still have real lights...
i got a good chuckle out of that, thanks.:p